OC Shocks Now a Penske Dealer/Rebuilder

OC Shocks is proud to announce we are now also a Penske Racing Shocks Dealer/Rebuilder. Penske has shocks for just about any racing application, and their name has been rooted in the racing world for years. Penske’s 7500 and 7600 series gas mono tube shocks are second to none, and have been proven winners at dirt & pavement tracks across the country. Adding Penske along with QA1 lets us offer customers a little bit of everything, and we look forward to the future with both companies. OC has been busy developing another torsion bar dyno, and would like to congratulate James Linger on his recent purchase of one. The OC torsion bar dyno accommodates 29’ and 30’ bars and strokes the bar to 20 Degrees. It gives actual spring rates not just a good or bad reading, and its number one perk is its affordable for the weekend racer. All of us at OC would like to thank all are customers for their continued support and hope everyone has a wonderful year in 2010. For more information on OC Shocks give us a call at (419)443-1332 or visit www.ocshocks.com or find us on Facebook.