Dewease Wins at Williams Grove

From Williams Grove Speedway, image courtesy of Rick Rarer /

MECHANICSBURG, PA — Lance Dewease extended an impressive streak with a victory in the 25-lap sprint car feature and Jamie Lathroum won the 35-lap Three State Flyers late model main event Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. Mark Smith took the early lead from Kyle Moody in the sprint car feature while Dewease, who started 9th, was working his way to the front. Dewease was second by lap ten and began to chase the leader. The five-time track champion made his move on lap 17 and took the lead with an inside move through turns three and four. Although Smith stayed within striking distance Dewease rolled to his 71st career victory at Williams Grove by a margin of 1.52 seconds. The win marked the 19th consecutive year that Dewease has won at least one sprint car feature at the Grove. He earned a base payoff of $3600 for his performance, plus $90 in lap money and a $500 bonus for starting beyond row three, which pushed his total to $4190. Smith settled for second in his best effort of the early season. Greg Hodnett, who started eleventh, finished third and maintained his lead in the Lawrence Chevrolet point standings. Grove rookie Danny Dietrich scored a very impressive fourth-place finish ahead of Daryn Pittman, who started 13th. Brian Montieth, Doug Esh, Fred Rahmer, Chad Layton and Dave Ely completed the top ten. Heats for the 29 sprint cars were won by Dewease, Smith and Aaron Ott. Brian Leppo won the consolation race. Lathroum took the lead from D. J. Myers on the second lap and went on to win the 35-lap late model feature. Jason Covert started tenth and moved into the runnerup spot on the 14th lap. Although he was able to close on the leader, Lathroum held on to win by 2.72 seconds. Myers was third ahead of Nick Dickson, Dan Stone, Ronnie DeHaven, Bo Feathers, Alan Sagi, Greg Satterlee and Kenny Pettyjohn. Heats for the 35 late models went to Jeff Rine, Ricky Elliott, Jeremy Miller and Lathroum. J. T. Spence won the B-main and Lathroum won the dash.

Williams Grove Speedway Feature Finishes – April 9, 2010

Sprint Car Feature – 25 laps – 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Mark Smith, 3. Greg Hodnett, 4. Danny Dietrich, 5. Daryn Pittman, 6. Brian Montieth, 7. Doug Esh, 8. Fred Rahmer, 9. Chad Layton, 10. Dave Ely, 11. Adam Wilt, 12. T. J. Stutts, 13. Don Kreitz, Jr., 14. Brent Marks, 15. Alan Krimes, 16. Justin Henderson, 17. Cory Haas, 18. Doug Dodson, 19. Kyle Moody, 20. Brian Leppo, 21. Aaron Ott, 22. Chris Meleason, 23. Tyler Walker, 24. Derek Sell

Late Model Feature – 35 laps – 1. Jamie Lathroum, 2. Jason Covert, 3. D. J. Myers, 4. Nick Dickson, 5. Dan Stone, 6. Ronnie DeHaven, 7. Bo Feathers, 8. Alan Sagi, 9. Greg Satterlee, 10. Kenny Pettyjohn, 11. Mike Knight, 12. Gary Stuhler, 13.. J. T. Spence, 14. Ricky Elliott, 15. Jeff Rine, 16. Billy Wampler, 17. Jason Dupont, 18. Mike Lupfer, 19. Tyler Hershey, 20. Jeremy Miller, 21. Randy Burkholder, 22. Greg Fetters, 23. Jerry Bard, 24. Devin Friese