Lance Dewease
Lance Dewease

Image courtesy of Rick Rarer

From Williams Grove Speedway

MECHANICSBURG, PA — Give Lance Dewease the pole position for a sprint car feature at Williams Grove Speedway and the rest of field is in for a long night. That’s what happened Friday as Dewease rolled to a wire-to-wire victory in the 30-lap All Star sanctioned A-Main.

Dewease was never seriously challenged and won by a margin of 3.29 seconds. He earned $5000 for his 72nd career victory at Williams Grove. It was his 27th win in an All Star sanctioned event. Dewease also became the first repeat winner in six races at Williams Grove this season. The 5-time Williams Grove champion also kept alive the Pennsylvania Posse’s winning streak versus the All Stars. Williams Grove regulars hold a perfect 21-0 record against the All Stars in a series which began in 1970.

While Dewease checked out early, a battle royal raged for the runner up spot between Kerry Madsen, Brian Montieth and Stevie Smith. Madsen took second place from Montieth on lap three and held the spot until Montieth reclaimed it on lap 24. Madsen took it back one lap later, but Montieth refused to concede. Montieth’s final charge came exiting the fourth corner racing to the finish line where he nipped Madsen by inches. S. Smith settled for fourth. Alan Krimes, Mark Smith, Brian Leppo, Aaron Ott, Rick Lafferty and Curt Michael completed the top ten.

Montieth’s performance allowed him to take the lead in the Lawrence Chevrolet point standings for the first time. Montieth set fast time in qualifications with a lap of 17.389. Heats for the 43 sprint cars in competition were won by Tim Shaffer, Justin Henderson, Daryn Pittman and Steve Buckwalter. Ott won the B-Main. The Dash went to Brad Sweet.

In the 20-lap feature for the ARDC midgets, Steve Buckwalter took the lead on lap four after starting tenth and went on to score a convincing victory over Nick Wean, Eric Heydenreich, Tracy Readinger and Mike Miller. Heats for the 33 midgets were won by Ryan Smith, Steve Buckwalter and Bruce Buckwalter. Frank Polimeda won the consolation race.

Williams Grove Speedway Feature Finish – April 30, 2010

All Star Sprint Car Feature – 30 laps – 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Brian Montieth, 3. Kerry Madsen, 4. Stevie Smith, 5. Alan Krimes, 6. Mark Smith, 7. Brian Leppo, 8. Aaron Ott, 9.Rick Lafferty, 10. Curt Michael, 11. Daryn Pittman, 12. Greg Hodnett, 13. Todd Shaffer, 14. Tim Shaffer, 15. Doug Esh, 16. Fred Rahmer, 17. Brad Sweet, 18. Justin Henderson, 19. Dale Blaney, 20. Steve Buckwalter. 21. Adam Wilt, 22. Jim Siegel, 23. Don Kreitz, Jr., 24. Ryan Bohlke. DNQ: Brent Marks, Danny Dietrich, David Gravel, Doug Dodson, Tyler Walker, T. J. Stutts, Dave Ely, Mark Coldren, Chris Meleason, Greg Wilson, Kyle Moody, Johnny Mackison, Jared Ridge, Cap Henry, Derek Sell, Bill Rose, A. J. Michael, Cory Haas, Chad Layton