Brown & Smith Top Skagit Speedway

By Kaleb Hart

Race fans who braved the elements to come out to ASA member track Skagit Speedway enjoyed a great night of racing Saturday. In the Budweiser 360 division, Mack Brown finally visited victory lane after coming so close in previous weeks this year. The A Feature had a helter skelter start, with Brett Cole taking the lead on the initial lap. Cole would get squirrely in turn two of lap two, handing the lead to Devin Madonia, the class points leader. Madonia held point until lap four when he got fouled up coming out of turn two. Brown used the opening to shoot into the lead which he would not relinquish. After leading the race on opening night and 24 ¾ of the main last week, Brown scored his first career victory at Skagit Speedway in the Birch Equipment #96x XXX. Madonia hung on for second in the Bayside Marine #42m Rocket. Evan Funk charged from the back of the field after causing an early caution to finish 3rd in his Performance RC #8r Rocket. Heat race wins went to Brown and Michael Harris. Alan Munn set quick time.

A little bit of luck went a long way for Cam Smith in the Associated Asphalt 410s. Alec Covert led the first four laps in impressive fashion, but surrendered the lead when he pulled a 720 degree spin in turn three to avoid a slowing car. Smith would lead the field to the restart on lap 5, but surrender the lead to Eric Fisher who drove underneath him on the restart. Fisher held point with Travis Jacobson chasing him. Jacobson worked Fisher hard, making the pass for the lead on lap 11, but at a heavy price. Coming off the bottom of the track to take the lead, Jacobson and Fisher made contact, knocking the rear suspension out of Fisher’s car and taking out the mufflers on Jacobson. Fisher would retire to the infield while Jacobson went to the pits to replace the mufflers. This gave the lead back to Cam Smith, who knew what to do with it this time, taking off and leading laps 12-25 to take his first Skagit Speedway win in the Dave Smith Motorsports #17 J&J. Kevin Smith finished second in the Skagit Powdercoaters #75 XXX. Jacobson recovered to third in the Performance RC #8r Eagle. Heat race wins went to Jacobson and Fisher. Jesse Whitney was quick time.

Matt VanDerSys won his third straight main event in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. After Glen Reinstra led the first twelve laps, VanDerSys, who started sixth, made a power move around the outside of Glen in turn two of the 13th lap. The move stuck, and VanDerSys rode out his momentum to the win, holding off a late race challenge from Bill Rude and Brian Kirkpatrick. For VanDerSys, the win was his third in a row in his Timber Trax #30 XXX. Rude tied a career best second in the Dri-Eaz #33 XXX. Kirkpatrick came from 15th to finish third in the Jet City Equipment #7k Becker. Heat race wins went to Devin Barnes, Dave Mead and VanDerSys.

Tyler Ketchum won his second main event of the year in the Outlaw Hornet division. With race leader Freddie Vela losing air pressure in his right rear tire, Ketchum powered by him on lap 12 and was unchallenged the rest of the way en route to the win. Rick Young garnered another second place finish, with Ken Higby making a last lap pass for third. Heat race wins went to Young and Brigham Mirabelli.


Fast Time – Jesse Whitney

Heat 1 – Travis Jacobson, Whitney, Josh Edson, Alec Covert, Jayme Barnes

Heat 2 – Eric Fisher, Colton Heath, Cam Smith, Kevin Smith

Main – Cam Smith, K Smith, Jacobson, Heath, Whitney, Edson, Covert, Fisher

Lap Leaders – Covert 1-4 Fisher 5-10 Jacobson 11 C Smith 12-25


Fast Time – Alan Munn

Heat 1 – Mack Brown, Devin Madonia, Evan Funk, Brett Cole, Munn

Heat 2 – Kelsey Carpenter, Logan Forler, Jonathan Jorgenson, Steve James, Paul Hopkins, Michael Harris

Main – Mack Brown, Madonia, Funk, Forler, Munn, Carpenter, Rod Perkins, Bud Ashe, James, Cole, Harris, Hopkins, Jorgenson

Lap Leaders – Cole 1 Madonia 2-3 Brown 4-25

Sportsman Sprints

Heat 1 – Devin Barnes, Curtis Clark, Rob Schroder, Dylan Dunham, Clayton Sibley, Brian Kirkpatrick, Marc Schutte

Heat 2 – Dave Mead, Steve Parker, Glen Reinstra, Bill Rude, Cory Swatzina

Heat 3 – Matt VanDerSys, Cale Brooke, Nick Dunham, Victoria Cantu, James Bundy

Main – Matt VanDerSys, Rude, Kirkpatrick, Reinstra, Parker, Brooke, Mead, Swatzina, Clark, Sibley, Schutte, Schroder, Cantu, Bundy, N Dunham, D Dunham, Barnes, Michael Bollinger

Lap Leaders – Reinstra 1-12 VanDerSys 13-20

Outlaw Hornets

Heat 1 – Rick Young, Freddie Vela, Jon Edwards, Matt Powers, Ashley Lewellen, Tina Thibert, Ronda Eszlinger

Heat 2 – Brigham Mirabelli, Ben Gunderson, Tyler Ketchum, James Bundy, Howard Vos, Ken Higby, TJ Campbell, Karl Dahl

Main – Tyler Ketchum, Young, Higby, Gunderson, Powers, Vela, Lewellen, Edwards, Thibert, Vos, Bundy, Eszlinger, Campbell, Mirabelli

Lap Leaders – Powers 1 Vela 2-11 Ketchum 12-20