Tatnell Tames Field for IRA Masters Score

From Justin Zoch, image courtesy of Stam M.

One night after running a strong second to Scott Biertzer at Cedar Lake Speedway on Friday night, Australian Brooke Tatnell returned to the same track with the same car with obvious intentions of leaving with the winner’s check. Mission accomplished.

Just as he did on Friday night, Tatnell earned the highest point total through the three heat races (Osborne and Sons Trucking Qualifications were canceled for the evening) and again pulled the pill that put him outside row number four. At the start, Jim Moughan jumped out to the early lead from his pole position. The Springfield, Illinois, veteran was making just his second start at CLS and led through two earlier cautions for spins by Jeremy Kerzman and Friday night winner Biertzer.

By lap three, Tatnell had charged from eighth to third but on the restart, Moughan again opened up a sizable advantage as Tatnell worked his way by second-starting Scott Nietzel. On lap 19, Tatnell finally used lapped traffic to blast by Moughan on the high side of turn four and stretched his lead over the last 11 laps. Nietzel nipped into second shortly after and was within striking distance of Tatnell but could never quite reel him in. Following Tatnell, Nietzel and Moughan, it was Mike Reinke and Bill Balog. The win was Tatnell’s third IRA score of the season.

Heat races for the 28 car field were won by Bill Balog, Mike Reinke and John Sernett while Dave Uttech bested Russel Borland for the B-main win. In heat race action, Jerry Richert Jr. and Bill Wirth both took wild tumbles but escaped without injury.

Masters Night #2 at Cedar Lake Speedway
30-Lap Feature Event
June 19, 2010

1. Brooke Tatnell, 2. Scott Nietzel, 3. Jim Moughan, 4. Mike Reinke, 5. Bill Balog, 6. Travis Whitney, 7. John Sernett, 8. Bill Warren, 9. Todd King, 10. Scott Biertzer, 11. Scott Uttech, 12. John Haeni, 13. Billy Hafemann, 14. Russel Borland, 15. Brad Barickman, 16. Kris Spitz, 17. Dave Uttech, 18. Ty Bartz, 19. Leigh Thomas, 20. Brandon Thone, 21. Andy Hunt, 22. Jeremy Kerzman

Behling Racing Products B-main
1. D. Uttech, 2. Borland, 3. Hunt, 4. Kerzman, 5. Spitz, 6. Bartz, 7. Nick Alden, 8. Wayne Modjeski, 9. Phillip Mock, 10. Rick Kelsey

Weld Racing Heat #1
1. Balog, 2. Biertzer, 3. Whitney, 4. Nietzel, 5. Thone, 6. D. Uttech, 7. Barickman, 8. Mock, 9. Alden, 10. Borland

Lane Automotive Heat #2
1. Reinke, 2. Warren, 3. Haeni, 4. Moughan, 5. Thomas, 6. Hunt, 7. Richert Jr., 8. Wirth, 9. Kelsey

DMI/King Racing Products Heat #3
1. Sernett, 2. Tatnell, 3. S. Uttech, 4. Hafemann, 5. King, 6. Bartz, 7. Kerzman, 8. Spitz, 9. Modjeski