Weekend Sweep for Darren Long and JGRacing!

From J.G. Motorsports

It was bound to happen, a trip to victory for Darren Long and JGRacing that is, it was just a matter of when. What ended up happening this weekend though with a weekend sweep with ASCS SOD was icing on the cake and a little ice cream on top.

Friday evening the team made the trip to Cherry Speedway to compete with the Michigan based SOD group where team co-owner Tim Norman is a three-time titlist. Starting 6th in the 1st heat after a car elected to go to the tail the 3g used the bottom part of the track to gain three positions and earn itself a spot in the dash.

For the dash the team took the time to experiment a little with set-ups and found a little something that both Darren and the car agreed upon. After starting 3rd he used the bottom once again to also finish 3rd in their final preparations for the A.

For the re-draw SOD has kids come out onto the front stretch to draw for the drivers. On this night Darren would have a very special little girl draw for him, his 2 year old daughter Mya. Pulling the number 1 out of the bag the JGRacing entry would have the best seat in the house for the start of the feature. With the new Gaerte/Engler engine combination taking off like a rocket the competition was left to battle for 2nd place. Like all night before Darren was utilizing the bottom side of the track to take home the victory.

Saturday the team moved on to I-96 Speedway to tackle the wide ½ mile speedplant. Starting this night 7th in the 2nd heat the bottom for the second night in a row was the place to be and Darren took advantage. By the end of the 8 laps the 3g was up to 3rd earning yet another spot in the dash.

In the dash event on Saturday Darren grabbed on to his steering wheel and just drove. A victory in the dash along with enough points for the re-draw gave Darren and the team a good feeling about the feature.

With the aforementioned re-draw process this night a young man at his first race ever would be paired up with Darren and during their conversation he asked if there was any way he could get a signed “cap cover” from Darren, we call them mud covers and Darren said absolutely. On his first night at the track he pulled out the first pill for the 3g as a starting spot for the feature. It would be another tough night for the drivers and crew members of SOD as Darren took the lead from the very start and never relinquished it giving the team a much needed weekend sweep. After the race this new fan and his family came down to the trailer and enjoyed the spoils of victory with JGRacing and he went home with a new t-shirt for his efforts.

This weeks Red Line Oil question is; how long has Joe Gaerte been involved in racing? This week’s winner will receive an Allstar Performance T-Shirt.

Another new feature we will have; ask a question to the pros, otherwise not me. Send me a question for Joe, Tim, or Darren and if your question is picked it will be featured in the next press release. Please e-mail zeakemedia@gmail.com with Question of the Week in the subject line and I will forward the one chosen it to the correct individual.

Darren Long has t-shirts available in all sizes. Stop at the trailer and ask for one, prices are $15

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