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Wayne Johnson
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By Bill W

July 21, 2010 – Wayne Johnson received multiple injuries to his leg in an accident on Saturday night at the Fred Brownfield Memorial held at the Grays Harbor Speedway near Elma, Washington. The Knoxville, Iowa driver is currently at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

After being airlifted to Seattle, Wayne underwent successful surgery on Sunday morning to repair two breaks in the tibia bone, and four breaks in a foot/ankle bone. There are some other significant injuries to the leg, ankle and foot regions. Though two surgeries were possible to make repairs to the bones, doctors were successful in getting the job done with just one.

Today is a day of healing for open sores in the leg and foot. Doctors will evaluate whether surgery needs to be done on those regions on Thursday. Plastic surgery is also a possibility, though the doctors may be leaning towards letting the wounds heal on their own while preventing any infection.

Monitor the message boards and Facebook for up to the minute updates on Wayne’s progress.

To Donate

Wayne’s account is at US Bank. It is listed as the “Wayne Johnson Donation Account”. The other option is to send donations to mother-in-law Barb Berkenpas who is the administrator of the account. Checks should be made out to the Wayne Johnson Donation Account. Mail them to: Barb Berkenpas, Administrator; Wayne Johnson Donation Account; 5418 240th Street, Ashton, IA 51232. Call Barb with any questions at: 712-724-6104 or email You can go to any US Bank in the country and as long as you have the correct name of the account you should be able to donate at any branch. The account is set up in Sibley, Iowa and the folks in Pella, Iowa are aware of it as well. I called one of the Seattle branches and they have the information so all branches in the country should have it.

E-mails for Wayne

Wayne is enjoying the e-mails he is getting! Keep sending them to him. The e-mail is printed out and delivered to patients seven days a week. The e-mail address is as follows: Be sure you put his full name and room number in the Subject line and include your full name in the letter.

1. Wayne’s full name: Henry Wayne Johnson (This is how he is registered

2. His room number – Room 644

3. Your full name

4. Telephone number (this is optional)

To send regular cards, the address at the hospital is:

Room 644

Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Avenue, Seattle Washington, 98104

Wayne’s Website

To learn more about Wayne and the team, log on to!

“Wednesday’s with Wayne”

“Wednesday’s With Wayne” is an up close look at the past, present and future of colorful and talented sprint car driver Wayne Johnson. You’ll never know what to expect next with Wayne, so don’t miss us on Wednesdays!

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Wayne would like to thank the following for making this possible: E-Rate Complete, Iroquois Poker, Townline Variety, Ohsweken Speedway, Brett Smith Motorsports, FattFro Motorsports, ARP Wings, Butlerbuilt, Hoosier, Schoenfeld Headers, Tim and Gina Doogs and Cooper Racing Enterprises.