New Winners Emerge at Skagit Speedway

From Kaleb Hart

Kelsey Carpenter’s first career Budweiser 360 Sprint win highlighted Military / Chamber of Commerce night at ASA member track Skagit Speedway. It was a rough night to be the lead car in the 360 class, especially when it came to turn two. Jared Peterson took the point on the initial green, rocketing around the top of the track and stretching out to a large lead when misfortune struck the Stanwood native in the form of a broken fuel line on lap 12. Rod Perkins took the point on the restart and looked to have the race in hand when a spinning car in turn two caused the veteran to also spinout, handing the point to Evan Funk. From there, the story became Funk and Carpenter, as the two battled from lap 16 till 20 when Carpenter eventually made his move, passing Evan going into turn one and holding the point for the rest of the contest in his Dri Eaz sponsored XXX chassis. Carpenter’s first win in the 360 division came with a different car number, as his usual #27c took a backseat to a Travis Rilat styled #29, as Kelsey and his team dedicated the race to the memory of Tyson Perez and the recovery of Travis Rilat. Funk finished second in the Performance RC #8r Rocket. Brock Lemley took third in the Deming Speedway #40 XXX. Heat race winners were Peterson and Lemley, and Danielle Huson was quick time.

Justin Youngquist visited victory lane at Skagit Speedway on only his fourth career race in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Youngquist drove around race leader Steve Parker on the 14th lap to take his first career Skagit Speedway triumph aboard his Blade Chevrolet #56 ART. Parker was second in his Construction Unlimited #23 XXX and Matt VanDerSys took third in the Timber Trax #30 XXX. Heat wins went to VanDerSys and Bill Rude.

Travis Jacobson ended a two year drought at Skagit Speedway as he took the Performance RC #8r Eagle to victory lane in the Associated Asphalt 410 sprints. Jacobson led all 25 laps and was followed to the line by Jesse Whitney in the Rocky’s Plumbing #88 Eagle and Colton Heath in the Dri Eaz #13c XXX. Jacobson captured the heat race win. Eric Fisher set quick time.

The Pull A Part Outlaw Hornet Feature was again a highly entertaining affair, with Wade Swatzina taking his second win of the year. Swatzina ran 5th for the majority of the race, but as leaders entered heavy traffic, Wade found the only line on the track that wasn’t occupied by slower cars and blasted around the lead pack to secure the lead coming to the white flag. Rick Young ran second and Ben Gunderson took third. Heat wins went to Swatzina and Tyler Ketchum.

Associated Asphalt 410 Sprints
Fast Time – Eric Fisher
Heat – Travis Jacobson, Colton Heath, Fisher, Jesse Whitney, Kevin Smith, Alec Covert, Jason Bloodgood
Main – Travis Jacobson, Whitney, Heath, Bloodgood, Smith, Fisher, Covert, Josh Edson
Lap Leaders – Jacobson 1-25

Budweiser 360 Sprints
Fast Time – Danielle Huson
Heat 1 – Jared Peterson, Alan Munn, Evan Funk, Chad Hillier, Jake Mann, Huson, Jonathan Jorgenson, Brett Cole, Jeff Dunlap, Ray Parker
Heat 2 – Brock Lemley, Rod Perkins, Kelsey Carpenter, Bud Ashe, Devin Madonia, Steve James, Cam Smith, Randy Price, Tyler Anderson
Main – Kelsey Carpenter, Funk, Lemley, Hillier, Munn, Jorgenson, Madonia, Ashe, Cole, Perkins, Anderson, Dunlap, Parker, Huson, Peterson, Smith, James, Mann
Lap Leaders – Peterson 1-11 Perkins 12-15 Funk 16-19 Carpenter 20-25

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints
Heat 1 – Matt VanDerSys, Justin Youngquist, Steve Parker, Clayton Sibley, Cory Swatzina, Devin Barnes, Dylan Dunham, Luke Didiuk
Heat 2 – Bill Rude, Cale Brooke, Rob Schroder, Paul Burdick, Ron Butler, Eric Thibert
Main – Justin Youngquist, Parker, VanDerSys, Dunham, Brooke, Sibley, Rude, Didiuk, Swatzina, Barnes, Thibert, Butler, Burdick, Schroder
Lap Leaders – Parker 1-13 Youngquist 14-20

Pull A Part Outlaw Hornets
Heat 1 – Tyler Ketchum, Greg Hibma, Ben Gunderson, Rick Young, Jon Edwards, Stacy Day, Freddy Vela, Ken Higby, Tony Mascio, Larry Kwik
Heat 2 – Wade Swatzina, John Gunderson, Jerry Birdsey Jr, Matt Ploeg, Terry Graul, Ashley Lewellen, Brigham Mirabelli, Jeremy Detman, Howard Vos, Tina Thibert
Main – Wade Swatzina, Young, B Gunderson, Hibma, J Gunderson, Vela, Lewellen, Edwards, Mirabelli, Mascio, Detman, Ploeg, Vos, Birdsey Jr, Day, Ketchum, Graul, Kwik, Thibert, Higby
Lap Leaders – Young 1-15 Swatzina 16-17