Sweet sweeps Belleville Night One

Brad Sweet
Brad Sweet

By Bryan Gapinski

Belleville, Kan., Aug. 6—Brad Sweet scored a dominating victory Friday winning the 25-lap feature on Night One of the Speedway Motors Belleville Midget Nationals at The Belleville High Banks. The victory completed a clean sweep for the Grass Valley, Calif. driver after setting fast time and winning his heat race.

Sweet jumped into the lead at the start and easily drew away from the field increasing his lead each lap. Sweet held a 3.2 second advantage when the caution appeared for a stalled car on Lap 10.

On the restart Sweet again pulled away from Davey Ray, Dave Darland, Bryan Clauson and Brad Loyet. Two more cautions between Laps 15-18, erased Sweet’s advantage over Ray. Sweet appeared headed for victory when a multi-car accident occurred on the final lap, with Bobby East flipping. East was uninjured.

On the restart which featured a one-lap shootout Sweet again was flawless, Sweet driving the Kasey Kahne & Mike Curb owned Spike/Mopar No. 49 finished three-car lengths ahead of Ray, Clauson, Brad Kuhn and Loyet. Darland, Jerry Coons Jr., Shane Golobic, Don Droud Jr., and Zach Daum completed the top ten.


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Brad Sweet, Kahne/Curb#49-17.702; 2. Davey Ray, Kunz#67x-17.750; 3. Dave Darland#71-17.788; 4. Brad Loyet, Loyet#05-17.824; 5. Henry Clarke, Kunz#67-17.863; 6. Bryan Clauson, Tucker#39-17.882; 7. Bobby East, Klatt#4-17.896; 8. Tracy Hines, Wilke-PAK#11w-17.915; 9. Kevin Swindell, Erickson#8-18.086; 10. Jerry Coons Jr., Wilke-PAK#11-18.125; 11. Don Droud Jr., Smith#44-18.177; 12. Brad Kuhn, RWB#17-18.183; 13. C.J. Johnson, Johnson#45-18.231; 14. Julee Jamison, Jamison#3x-18.309; 15. Zach Daum, Daum#5-18.332; 16. Darren Hagen, RFMS#3-18.353; 17. Levi Roberts, Clauson#2-18.433; 18. Gary Taylor, Allen#12-18.440; 19. Josh Pelkey, Allen#12jr-18.508; 20. Shane Golobic, Bock#26-18.537; 21. Andrew Felker, Felker#11-18.590; 22. Caleb Armstrong, C&A#7a-18.603; 23. Andy Shouse, Shouse#27-18.718; 24.Brian Postle, Postle#22-18.877; 25. Kyle Neal, Neal#38-18.895; 26. Garrett Hood, Hood#11h-18.899; 27. B.G. Wood, Fattfro#14-19.015; 28. Matt Johnson, Johnson#85-19.027; 30. Jeff Stasa, Stasa#91-19.110; 31. Terry Goodwin, Goodwin#2x-19.134; 32.Tony Rossi, Rossi#14-19.151; 33. Patrick Stasa, Stasa#19-19.216; 34. Scott Fennell, Clark#33-19.651; 35. Chad Boat, Boat#30-NT; 36. Cody Brewer, Brewer#96-NT.

8-lap Heat Race#1: Clauson, Coons, Ray, Daum, Pelkey, M. Johnson, Goodwin, Postle, P. Stasa.

8-lap Heat Race#2: Sweet, Swindell, Taylor, Clarke, Woods, Armstrong, C.J. Johnson, Fennell, Rossi.

8-lap Heat Race#3: Kuhn, Loyet, Hines, Roberts, Hood, Felker, Jaimson, J. Stasa.

8-lap Heat Race#4: Hagen, Darland, Golobic, Droud, Shouse, Neal, Cole, East.

12-lap Semi Feature: East, Felker, C.J. Johnson, Shouse, Boat, Armstrong, Neal, Hood, J. Stasa, Jamison, Postle, M. Johnson, Goodwin, Fennell, Cole, Pelkey, Wood, Brewer, Rossi.

25-lap Feature: 1. Brad Sweet; 2. Davey Ray; 3. Bryan Clauson; 4. Brad Kuhn; 5. Brad Loyet; 6. Dave Darland; 7. Jerry Coons Jr.; 8. Shane Golobic; 9. Don Droud Jr.; 10. Zach Daum; 11. Kevin Swindell; 12. C.J. Johnson; 13. Tracy Hines; 14. Caleb Armstrong; 15. Andrew Felker; 16. Levi Roberts; 17. Bobby East; 18. Henry Clarke; 19. Chad Boat; 20. Darren Hagen; 21. Gary Taylor.

*East flipped on lap 23, uninjured.

Lap Leaders: Sweet 1-20.