Madonia, Dunham, Jacobson & Gunderson Win at Skagit

From Skagit Speedway

Repeat winners hit big paydays at ASA member track Skagit Speedway. All three sprint car division winners visited victory lane for the second time this year in their respective division, while Outlaw Hornet winner Ben Gunderson cashed in for the fifth time. Skagit Speedway drivers raced a new format, the ASA All Star Challenge, with points being awarded for how they finished and posted positions gained. The finish of segment one was fully inverted for segment two, with drivers again scoring points for finish and posted position gained. Initial starting position was determined by pill draw in the pit area pre-race, with the top ten cars in owner’s points participating in the draw.

In the Budweiser 360 division, Devin Madonia hit victory lane for the first time since opening night, taking his Bayside Marine #42m Rocket to the win after leading all 20 laps. Madonia parlayed a 5th and 1st place finish in the first two scoring segments into a front row starting spot, then held off Jared Peterson over the 20 lap finale to take the $2,000 winner’s share home. Peterson was second in the Speedmart #9p Rocket. Rod Perkins was third in the 92.9 Kism #69 XXX. Perkins and Madonia won their respective segments.

Like his 360 counterpart, Dylan Dunham won his second main event of the year in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints, visiting the promised land for the first time since opening night. Dunham took the lead from Bill Rude on the second lap and streaked away for the victory from there in his Tib Automotive #7d J&J, taking home $1,000 for his efforts. James Bundy finished a career best second in his Ridge Runner Wings #57 Eagle. Cory Swatzina was third in the Carl’s Towing #2 Becker. Justin Youngquist was fast time for the non qualifying cars and won the b feature, as well as the second race segment. Clayton Sibley was the other car who raced from the B Main into segment racing. Dunham captured the other segment win.

Travis Jacobson became a two time Associated Asphalt 410 division winner, leading all 20 laps of the final segment to cash in on a $2,500 payday in the Performance RC sponsored #8r Eagle. Defending 410 champion and current points leader Jesse Whitney was second in the Rocky’s Plumbing #88 Eagle. Eric Fisher was third in the Fisher Racing #59 XXX. Fisher and Jacobson were the segment winners.

The Pull A Part Outlaw Hornets ran a normal format on this night, and when the final flags flew, it was Ben Gunderson leading all 17 laps of the A Main to win his 5th feature of the year. Tyler Ketchum was second and Freddie Vela third. Gunderson and Ashley Lewellen won heats.

Kasey Kahne returns to Skagit Speedway next Friday night for the Sage Fruit Showdown presented by the Kasey Kahne foundation. Budweiser 360 Sprints and Pull A Part Outlaw Hornets will be in action. For ticket information, log on to .

Budweiser 360 Sprints

Segment 1 – Rod Perkins, Evan Funk, Jared Peterson, Bud Ashe, Devin Madonia, Jonathan Jorgenson, Alan Munn, Kelsey Carpenter, Steve James, Tyler Anderson, Rick Fauver

Segment 2 – Devin Madonia, Munn, Peterson, Carpenter, Perkins, Funk, Anderson, Jorgenson, Ashe, James

Main – Devin Madonia, Jared Peterson, Rod Perkins, Alan Munn, Kelsey Carpenter, Bud Ashe, Jonathan Jorgenson, Tyler Anderson, Evan Funk

Lap Leaders – Madonia 1-20

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints

Fast Time – Justin Youngquist

B Main – Justin Youngquist, Clayton Sibley, Michael Bollinger, Glen Reinstra, Dave Mead, Ron Butler, Michael Hodel, Eric Thibert

Segment 1 – Dylan Dunham, Marc Schutte, James Bundy, Steve Parker, Cory Swatzina, Bill Rude, Matt VanDerSys, Rob Schroder, Curtis Clark, Cale Brooke, Justin Youngquist, Clayton Sibley

Segment 2 – Justin Youngquist, Brooke, Schroder, Rude, Clark, VanDerSys, Swatzina, Bundy, Dunham, Parker, Schutte

A Main – Dylan Dunham, Bundy, Swatzina, Youngquist, Parker, Rude, Clark, Brooke, Schutte, Schroder, VanDerSys

Lap Leaders – Rude 1 Dunham 2-20

Associated Asphalt 410 Sprints

Segment 1 – Eric Fisher, Travis Jacobson, Jesse Whitney, Josh Edson, Kevin Smith, Jared Peterson, Jason Bloodgood, Alec Covert

Segment 2 – Travis Jacobson, Whitney, Fisher, Bloodgood, Peterson, Smith, Edson

Main – Travis Jacobson, Whitney, Fisher, Smith, Edson, Bloodgood, Peterson
Lap Leaders – Jacobson 1-20

Pull A Part Outlaw Hornets

Heat 1 – Ben Gunderson, Freddie Vela, Rick Young, Ken Higby, Brigham Mirabelli, Stacy Day, Kenny Sorrels, TJ Campbell, Jerry Birdsey Jr,, Howard Vos

Heat 2 – Ashley Lewellen, Tyler Ketchum, Greg Hibma, John Gunderson, Tony Mascio, Wade Swatzina, Brian Michelson, Larry Kwik, Brett Paulk, Alan Holtzheimer, Matt Ploeg, Tina Thibert

Main – Ben Gunderson, Ketchum, Vela, Swatzina, Young, Lewellen, Ploeg, Paulk, Michelson, Mirabelli, Day, Campbell, Mascio, Higby, Sorrels, Birdsey Jr, Kwik, J Gunderson, Vos, Thibert, Hibma, Holtzheimer
Lap Leaders – B Gunderson 1-17