Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products Joins Forces with Craig Dollansky Racing

From CDR

With the 2011 season opener just round the corner on February 11th, Craig Dollansky Racing is proud to announce a partnership with Aeroquip Performance Products. When you’re out on the road competing with the World of Outlaws and the best sprint car drivers in the world, team’s need the best equipment the performance industry has to offer and Craig Dollansky Racing has found that edge in Aeroquip Performance Products, the leader in high quality hose and fittings and the only in-house manufacturer of it’s kind in the market.

“By keeping the manufacturing in-house we are able to control our design and manufacturing tolerances better than anyone else to ensure a leak free connection,” commented Business Development Manager Eric Durrant. “We offer a full product line for your vehicle plumbing needs whether it’s in the form of a sprint car, dragster, hot rod, or off-road vehicle, Aeroquip has it all. We even have multiple aluminum fitting and adapter color options including black anodize for your personal preference.”

Having been involved in NHRA for the past 8 years, Aeroquip’s StartLite product line has been the key to success in this area of racing. “StartLite hose is half the weight of regular stainless steel braided hose, has a working pressure rating up to 500 PSI with a 4:1 factor of safety, and has a great Kevlar/Nomex blended cover for abrasion and flame resistance,” said Durrant. “The product has great flexibility, requires less compression with reusable fittings, and is easy to work with because you can cut it with a hand tool.”

When asked what prompted Aeroquip to partner with Craig Dollansky Racing, Durrant stated that the StartLite product line is a perfect fit with CDR. “Aeroquip’s StartLite product has been gaining popularity and is spreading into other areas of the performance industry. All dirt track racing, especially with the World of Outlaws is perfect for this product line given the competitive advantages of weight savings and the high quality hose and fittings that Aeroquip offers. Craig Dollansky Racing has been recognized as one of the best in this sport and we want him using the best. I am truly looking forward to working with Craig and the team this year!”

Being the industry leader doesn’t just happen by chance, and that’s where Aeroquip’s ‘Proof 100’ elements of Engineered, Tested, and Qualified come into play. Engineered: Aeroquip hose and fittings are specifically designed to work together, not just parts, but a system that’s built to Eaton standards which are recognized for quality around the world. Tested: hose and fittings are constantly tested to ensure a 4:1 factory safety rule, 100% of the hose that goes out the door is proof pressure tested to 2x the rated working pressure of the hose to ensure there are absolutely no defects. A 4:1 factor also means the products are designed and built to withstand 4x the rated working pressure of the hose before any failure will occur. Qualified: no other brand can claim they manufacture both hose and fittings in the industry besides Aeroquip and they’ve done it for over 65 years, setting the bar for the competition.

Founded in the 1940’s and purchased by Eaton in the late 90’s, Aeroquip has evolved into three product lines: industrial, aerospace, and performance. The industrial product line consists of very high pressure hose and fittings designed for construction, agriculture, and truck markets. The aerospace line has lightweight hose and fittings specifically designed for the aerospace industry and their strict standards. The performance product line deals with high quality aluminum fittings, stainless steel and lightweight hoses, and aluminum adapters. Aeroquip was the first to market and has a track record of very high quality products in the performance industry. “Over the years a number of new hose and fitting brands have entered the market and the product looks very similar, but none have been able to match the quality and legacy of Aeroquip Performance Products,” said Durrant. “Plumbing is not an area that you can afford to skip on quality and only one brand gives you the greatest chance of a leak free connection because we make it, Aeroquip Performance Products.”

Aeroquip Performance Products… we know it, because we make it!