Bruns Wins at Jacksonville

jacksonville speedway
jacksonville speedway

Jacksonville, IL — Lincoln Illinois’ A.J. Bruns was the star of the night in the sprint car class at Jacksonville Speedway Friday night, claiming both the dash and leading the entire feature. Jerrod Hull was second followed by Joey Moughan.

Sprints: (28 Cars)
Heat 1: R. Beechler, AJ Bruns, Jim Moughan, Hull, Joey Moughan, Budde, Charron, Fischer, Hess, Wyzard(NS)
Heat 2: Hurley, Babb, Harms, Triplett, Sicliano, Faucon, Springer, Davies, Bales
Heat 3 R. Standridge, Urish, Waggoner, Greer, Goldesberry, Sammonds, Weyant, C. Bruns, J. Standridge
Dash: AJ Bruns, Budde, Springer, C. Bruns
Feature: AJ Bruns, Hull, Joey Moughan, Hurley, Urish, R. Beechler, Goldesberry, Wagoner, Triplett, Jim Moughan, Weyant, Hess, Sammonds, Greer, Harms, Sicliano, R. Standridge, Babb