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(El Paso, Texas – June 10, 2011) It was a crazy night to say the least at the El Paso Speedway Park as the Renegade Sprint Car Series headlined the night’s races along with the Street Stocks, MSD Ignition Limited X-Mods, and the Legends.

Heat race wins would go to Austin Adams and Pat Carney in the X-Mods, Don Reynolds and Allen Gattis in the Legends, Troy Wells and Bryan Wells in the Street Stocks, while the Sprint Cars saw a wild start to their heat races as the 27 of Cesar Fuentes, after contact with Mike Stringfield in heat one, went flipping end over end down the front straight-a-way, off the top of turn one, through the steel outer retaining wall, clearing the street, and coming to a stop in the parking lot of the neighborhood bar. Fuentes would emerge unscathed with the assistance of several Bar patrons as Curt Barnett, Robert Herrera, and Royal Jones picked up heat race wins.

Trophy dashes would go to the MSD Limited X-Mods and the West Texas Street Stocks with Patrick Carney and Troy Wells picking up dash wins.

On to the A-Mains with the MSD Ignition Limited X-Mods taking the green for their fifteen laps of glory with the 25 of Michael Gonzales taking the early advantage from the front row. On the move early on, the 5x of Patrick Carney would work into the top five; bringing the 82 of Sherman Barnett along as the caution waved with eleven laps to run. On the restart, the 25 of Gonzales would work on distancing himself from Carney as the 5x began working on building momentum to the back bumper of the 25. Claiming the lead with eight laps to run, the 5x would be challenged to the inside line by Gonzales but would hold off the charge of the 25. With four laps to run, the 25 would force the caution with a spin in turns three and four, collecting Sherman Barnett in the process by cutting a tire on the 82. To the restart, the 5x would go unchallenged as the battle for fourth kept the field on its toes with Duane Murphy, Javier Zapien Jr., and Austin Adams in a good battle. In the end Patrick Carney would win with Rob Madrid, Alex Gonzales, Duane Murphy, and Javier Zapien Jr. rounding out the top five.

The Legends of the Southwest would take the green for twenty laps with Curt Barnett and Don Reynolds making quick work of the field; splitting cars top and bottom from their side by side starting positions in the fifth row before the caution waved for the spun 20 of Austin Hood. On the restart it was a straight shot for the 43 of Barnett as he bolted into the race lead with Don Reynolds following along into second. Pulling to a half straight advantage, the 43 would begin to slow ever so slightly with fourteen laps to run. Inch by inch, the 3d of Reynolds would close in on Barnett’s 43 before a flash of sparks put Barnett off the top of turn one and out of the race. Avoiding the caution, the 3d of Reynolds would lead the 21 of Allen Gattis with early race leader Kevin Buntyn running third. Running away, the 3d of Don Reynolds would dominate for the win. Allen Gattis and Kevin Buntyn rounded out the podium as Alvie Williams ran from the back of the field to claim fourth with Robert Sheppard rounding out the top five.

The West Texas Street Stocks took the green for fifteen laps with the 74v of Jessie Holmes jumping out to the early race lead with the 202 of Bryan Wells stalking him for the top spot. Making the pass, the field would end up at an idle as the 3 of Jennifer Munn slammed the outside wall. To the restart with two laps completed and eighteen to run with the 47 of Mingo Jauregui working into third. Behind the 47, the battle for fourth would go three wide with the 88 of Ozzie Noder working between the 15x of Sean Bowman and the 77g of Julian Garcia. Back at the front of the field, the 47 of Mingo Jauregui worked into second as the leaders worked on slower traffic. Held up for a moment, the 202 would work to the half way point with the 47 cutting the 202’s lead from a half straight to a car length. Call it game on as the 202 went high with Mingo working the bottom. Side by side using slower traffic as picks, the battle for the race lead was the battle of the night as the 47 and the 202 swapped the lead as much as a half dozen times before the 47 retired with mechanical troubles, leaving the Wells 202 to go unchallenged for the win with Sean Bowman, Ozzie Noder, Troy Wells, and Julian Garcia rounding out the top five.

The Renegade Sprint Car Series filled out into their side by side starting positions with Royal Jones taking full advantage of his front row starting position to show the way on the first lap as the caution waved for the 19 of Wes Wofford. To the Delaware Double File Restart and the car on the move was the 18 of Lorne Wofford; jumping from sixth to fourth with the 1m of Dylan Harris shadowing the 18 into fifth. Back up front, the 131 of Jones continued to stretch his lead over second running Curt Barnett as Robert Herrera worked on holding onto third from the 18 of Wofford. Into slower traffic, the 18 would take away third as the field worked on completing the first ten laps of the nights thirty lap A-Main. Working his way through the field, thirteenth starting Colt Treharn would take over sixth; going to work on Dylan Harris before the caution waved for the third running Lorne Wofford who spun to a stop into the middle of turns three and four with 17 laps left to run. On the restart, the 131 of Jones showed the way with Curt Barnett and Robert Herrera looking high and low and the restart with the 9 of Herrera getting the jump, nearly stealing the lead into turns one and two but off the bottom the 131 would pull away. With just under ten laps to run, the 18 of Lorne Wofford would work back into fifth as up front, the 131 of Royal Jones played it cool in slower traffic, leading the 9 of Herrera by over a straight-a-way. Coming up on four laps to run, Herrera would have his hands full as the 43 of Curt Barnett skated by to take over the runner up spot but a half straight is as close as anyone would get as Royal Jones picked up the win. Curt Barnett, Robert Herrera, JR Patton, and Lorne Wofford rounded out the top five.

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