Top Names Lining Up To Appear At Legends Dream Night Before 50 Sept. 9

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By Shawn Brouse

Port Royal – The Living Legends Dream Night Before The 50 coming up on September 9 at Port Royal Speedway is shaping up to bring together a host of the top names in the sport past and present as they gather to honor Living Legend honorees driver Keith Kauffman and owner Walt Dyer.

Kauffman will be honored as the winningest driver in the history of the speedway at the event with the Kauffman 20 paying $3,333 to win as part of a twin 20’s program that will also honor Dyer with the Dyer 20, paying $4,610 to win.

The Kauffman 20 $3,333 winner’s share is meant to honor Kauffman’s most identifiable early career mount, the No. K33. And Dyer’s $4,610 is in homage to his iconic No. 461 brick-winged sprint campaigned for decades in the area.

To pay tribute to both Kauffman and Dyer, many of Kauffman’s car owners and Dyer’s drivers are planning to attend and take part in a pre-race autograph session in the speedway’s infield along with numerous Kauffman and Dyer racecars that will be on display.

Of the Kauffman owners already confirming their attendance, names like Bob Stewart, Leon Wintermyer, Al Hamilton, John Trone, Michael Heffner, Joe Harz, Dave Middleswarth and Rick and Joe Woelfling are on the list along with his current owner, Gary Heckman.

For Dyer, the list includes his maiden driver John Ebersole along with Don Hill, Steve Siegel, Jim Sheaffer, Scott Tobias, Joey Gravino, Cliff Brian, Mike Wagner, Sean Michael, Curt Michael, Johnny Grum, Lance Dewease and more.

Kauffman’s current ride owned by Heckman, the No. 8H will be on display along with the Hamilton Motorsports No. 77 sprinter now driven by Aaron Ott, but driven by Kauffman in the 1980’s.

His very first racecar, the Blue Deuce will also be on display along with the Boop’s Aluminum Special No. 1, which Kauffman drove as a substitute for Lynn Paxton in the early 80’s. Kauffman’s nephew Josh Dressler will also have his car on display, decaled to replicate his uncles John Groninger-sponsored No. K33 sprint.

Lance Dewease, Dyer’s most prolific driver over the decades, will turn his Don Owens No. 30C machine into a No. 461 to honor Dyer for the weekend and will have that car on display in the infield. Also on display will be a pair of restored No. 461 racers, one having been driven by Dewease and the other by Billy Stief.

The September 9 program is part of the blockbuster Tuscarora 50 weekend at the speedway as part of the 157th annual Juniata County Fair. Saturday racing features the 44th annual Tuscarora 50, paying $11,000 to win.

The $2,000 Tuscarora 50 Bonus In Memory Of Marion Ritzman is up for grabs Friday night if one driver can sweep both of the 20-lappers. If the bonus goes unclaimed Friday night, it rolls over to Saturday’s 50 for either one of the Friday night victors if they can prevail.

Thousands of dollars in contingency money and prizes will be awarded on Friday night including over $1,000 for fast time in memory of Ed Swartz and a pair of $1,000 hard charger awards with one awarded in each main event to the driver who passes the most cars from his original feature starting position.

More news and information regarding the Tuscarora 50 weekend at Port Royal Speedway is upcoming.

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