Buckwalter Wins at New Egypt

New Egypt, N.J. — (August 23, 2011) — Steve Buckwalter won the ARDC Midget Car feature Tuesday night at New Egypt Speedway. Brett Arndt, Drew Heistand, Ryan Smith, and Tim Buckwalter rounded out the top five.

On a day when the east coast survived a rare earthquake, the ARDC Wingless Midgets did some earth moving of their own at Midget Madness and Modifieds Tuesday evening at The New Egypt Speedway. Running on his own Richter Scale, Steve Buckwalter showed the boys the fast way around to collect his fourth win of the season.

The original start of the feature was called back but Brett Arndt used what he learned on the restart as he went up to the outside fence and grabbed the early lead. Arndt was followed by Brenden Bright, Keith McIntyre Jr. and Alex Bright.

The man on the move early on was Tim Buckwalter who blasted into second on the seventh lap and two laps later used the low side of the speedway in turn two to take the lead from Arndt. Buckwalter ran with his ears pinned back to open some ground because he could see the number 0 of cousin Steve Buckwalter moving up on the scoreboard.

S. Buckwalter ducked under Arndt off of four for second at the conclusion of the twelfth lap and drew in on the rear of his cousin Tim.

Two laps later the two were dicing for the lead off the fourth turn when S. Buckwalter got crossed up trying to miss a lapped car. T. Buckwalter hit the out of shape car which set S. Buckwalter straight and gave Steve a little turbo boost into the lead. While the near disaster was a boon to Steve it was a bust to Tim who scrubbed off a lot of speed and dropped back to sixth place behind, Arndt, Ryan Smith, Brenden Bright and Drew Heistand.

Bright was able to get back around but as the race wore on both Heistand and Smith kept chipping away and both were able to re-pass rookie Bright.

In the latter stages of the race, Drew Heistand and Brett Arndt battled for the runnerup spot but in the end it was Steve Buckwalter winning his fourth ARDC Midget race of the season by 4.4 seconds over Arndt, Heistand, Smith and T. Buckwalter.

Rounding out the top ten were, Bruce Buckwalter Jr., Nick Wean, Trevor Kobylarz, Brenden Bright and Alex Bright.

Heats for the 21 Midgets went to Steve Buckwalter and Tim Buckwalter.

ARDC Feature
1 Steve Buckwalter
2 Brett Arndt
3 Drew Heistand
4 Ryan Smith
5 Tim Buckwalter
6 Bruce Buckwalter Jr.
7 Nick Wean
8 Trevor Kobylarz
9 Brenden Bright
10 Alex Bright
11 Andrew Hannula
12 Shawn Jackson
13 Steven Bull
14 Eric Heydenreich
15 Keith McInter
16 Steve Craig
17 Jason Rice
18 Chris Zrinski
19 Steven Drevicki
20 Dusty Heistand
21 Dave Shirk