Johnson Wins the Battle of Teammates for Mr. Sprint Car Title

Ohsweken, ON – (September 16, 2011) — Wayne Johnson won the battle of Miles Hill owned cars to win the Dave MacLeod Mr. Sprint Car Challenge during Friday’s Night Before the Nationals program at Ohsweken Speedway. Johnson defeated his teammate Jamie Collard, who was one of MacLeod’s last drivers, for the victory.

Johnson defeated Bryan Howland, Jared Horstman, and 2011 Ohsweken Speedway track champion Tom Huppunen on route to the final round. Collard defeated Shane Stewart, Kyle Sauder, and Jared Zimbardi to make the finals.

At the start of the 2-Lap finale Johnson and Collard ran very close into turn one with Johnson getting the advantage. From there Johnson motored away to the victory.
Dave MacLeod Mr. Sprint Car Challenge

Round #1: 14 – Kyle Sauder def. 33 – Shawn Donath; 14 – Jim Huppunen def. 45 – Chuck Hebing (DQ); 7x – Jamie Collard def. 3g – Shane Stewart; 71 – Travis Cunningham def. 22h – Randy Hannagan (DNS); 35 – Jared Zimbardi def. 32 – Justin Barger; 17 – Jared Horstman def. 38 – Brad Knabb, 2m – Dustin Daggett; def. 51 – Lee Ladouceur; 77x – Wayne Johnson def. 51 – Bryan Howland.

Round #2: 7x – Jamie Collard def. 14 – Kyle Sauder (DQ); 14H – Tom Huppunen def. 71 – Travis Cunningham; 35 – Jared Zimbardi def. 2m – Dustin Daggett (DQ); 77x – Wayne Johnson def. 17 – Jared Horstman.

Round #3: 7x – Jamie Collard def. 35 – Jared Zimbardi; 77x – Wayne Johnson def. 14H – Tom Huppunen.

Final Round: 77x – Wayne Johnson def. 7x – Jamie Collard.