USAC Point .25 midgets

By Dick Jordan

The Central Indiana Quarter Midget Club is USAC’s newest Mopar .25 Midget family member. Headquartered at the famed Min-Indy Speedway, located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the racing capital for the past two decades. Mini-Indy annually hosts the prestigious “Robbie Stanley Memorial” race honoring USAC’s late three-time National Sprint Car Champion.

Sporting an authentic Indianapolis Motor Speedway brick at the start-finish line, the Mini-Indy oval has been a target of racers ever since the track debuted and it has a wide banking of seven degrees on the straightaways and nine degrees in the turns, just like the IMS oval!

“We’re ecstatic about adding Mini-Indy to our Mopar ,25 Midget family,” says USAC’s James Spink. “Naturally, being in Indianapolis offers many plusses for not only USAC but Mini-Indy members as well as we join together to continue to elevate the sport of quarter-midget racing as the first platform for future USAC drivers and families.”

Tony George, founder of the Indy Racing League, offered the following thoughts regarding the Mini-Indy club and its participants: “My family spent many enjoyable years competing in Quarter Midgets and have remained close with many of the people and families with which we became acquainted during the 1990’s. Some of those cherished memories include working with the families that gave of their time, talent and resources to build a new track, which led to growth of the club and its membership. I wish the club the very best as it charts its course for continued growth into the future.”

Information regarding the 2012 Mini-Indy schedule, activities and the “Robbie Stanley Memorial” race can be found in the weeks ahead at and at