Vandersteldt Wins Opening Night of Australian 360 Sprint Car Title

Craig Vanderstelt won the opening night of the Australian 360 Sprint Car championship. Ryan Jones, Chad Ely, Brendan Cuerin, and Tony Moule rounded out the top five.

1. S31 Craig Vanderstelt
2. S63 Ryan Jones
3. S22 Chad Ely
4. S86 Brendan Guerin
5. ACT26 Tony Moule
6. S83 Shannon Barry
7. S30 Brendan Quinn
8. S90 Michael Lovegrove
9. W11 Chris Ackland
10. V18 Simon Amato
11. S33 Mark Caruso
12. S26 Tyson Chambers
13. S92 Russell Worthley
14. V4 Phillip Lock
15. S78 Keke Falland
16. S5 Trigga Gates
17. V15 Bill Fraser
18. S66 Clinton Oliver