By Larry Boos

ROSSBURG, OH (April 10) –From its humble beginning as a .25 mile backyard clay oval in 1954, to today’s status as a nationally known .500-mile clay race destination, Eldora Speedway has become the home to many memories and has touched the lives of many people in many ways throughout the past 58 years.

In an opportunity to commemorate this support shown by the fans and racers, and to perpetuate the memory of friends and loved ones, Eldora officials have announced the construction of an Eldora Booster Wall.

The Booster Wall will be located in a high-traffic, high-visibility area at the north end of the covered main grandstands and will contain permanently engraved tiles of two available sizes. The message of choice will be an enduring testament visible to race fans and race teams anytime they visit Eldora Speedway.

Available tile sizes are 4” x 8” with up to three lines of engraving or 8” x 8” with up to six lines of engraving. Each line can hold up to 20 characters including spacing and punctuation. Introductory pricing for the engraved tiles is $100 for the 4” x 8” tile or $150 for the 8” x 8” tile. In honor of their longtime support, members of the original Eldora Booster Club are being offered special one-time member pricing of $59 for the 4” x 8” tile. A nominal $5 shipping and handling fee will be applied to each order.

The first installation of engraved tiles will be unveiled in a special ceremony prior to the 2012 WIX Filters Baltes Classic on Sunday evening, September 2. To be included in this inaugural observance, and to receive the special introductory pricing, orders must be received no later than July 15.

As an added incentive, persons purchasing engraved tiles prior to the July 15 deadline will receive a miniature brick replica of their purchase, complete with engraving.

Order blanks and complete information may be obtained via or by calling the speedway office (937) 338-3815.