Jerrod Hull vs. The Rock

Jerrod Hull. - Mark Funderburk photos

by Robert Cortum
Sikeston, Mo (05-03-12) –

Early season rain finally couldn’t stop the Jerrod Hull Motorsports team this past weekend, a renegade rock meeting up with a spark plug did however. As the team was excited of the opportunity to pull into victory lane for the first time in 2012, an inopportune chance would push those hopes to another week.
While running up front at St. Francois County Raceway in Farmington, Missouri during the nights feature event, the previously mentioned renegade rock rocketed off the right rear of a reeled in back-marker ending the nights run. The team had been fast all night and feared the worst when the motor laid flat once the Sikeston, Missouri hot-shoe got back on the throttle.
“We were running great and got hung up just a second on some lapped traffic. Once I was clear I got back into it and it just wasn’t the same. Not wanting to hurt the motor anymore than I thought had already been done to it, I decided to pull it in and call it a night. It’s always hard to pull in when you are running good, but we have to look at the bigger picture here,” stated Jerrod Hull, pilot of the Heartland Trailer Mfg #12 Maxim.
Hull’s standout crew immediately began assessing the damages and found the culprit. To their delight it was a fixable problem and began preparations for this weekend’s MOWA race at Jacksonville, Illinois. Jacksonville is a place very familiar to Hull and his crew and is looking to rebound strong and open up the 2012 MOWA season with a strong run.
“Had that happened to us in the heat race or any other time I think we may have been able to work through it and pull out a great finish at Farmington, but that is not how the cards played out this time. Drivers always talk about a 5-cent part ruining a great run or a win, but a rock being the cause has got to be a first for this team. I’m just fortunate to have a strong crew to be able to diagnose problems for me easily and get a solid car prepared for me each race. We will defiantly be ready for Jacksonville.”
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