McMahan Wins at Wayne County

From Wayne County Speedway

Orrville, OH — (June 15, 2012) — The June 15th edition was action packed with thrills and spills. The grandstands packed full of people were treated to great side by side racing action.

In the Fisher Performance 410 Sprints Rob Chaney and Cole Duncan led the field to the green flag. The green was not displayed very long as the sprinters got up speed a chain reaction crash took out new comer Nick Ley, Nick Patterson and Bill Ault who flipped head over end. On the restart the red flag again was displayed as Jason Dolick tipped over. During the melee Grafton West Virginia Andre Layfield spun and damaged the front end of this racer. Layfield returned pit side, fixed the front end and returned to the tail of field. Third time was a charm as the third restart went off without a hitch. When the green flag dropped Chaney jumped to the early lead. Making a power move Andrew Palker slid past Nashville, Tennessee’s Paul McMahan to take second place. On lap six Chaney on a rail caught the back markers and began lapping the field. On lap eight third running Broc Martin got together with the lapped car of Nick Patterson (23) causing both cars to flip violently high through the air. Both drivers were able to exit their race cars under their own power. As the field took the red flag Chaney steered his rocket ship to the pits retiring for the evening. This moved Palker to the lead ahead of McMahan and Danny Mumaw. When the racing resumed Palker powered to a eight car length lead over McMahan. On lap seventeen the caution flew for the race leader Palker who had a flat tire. This handled the lead to McMahan with hard running Mumaw in tow. On lap twenty two the red flag again was displayed due to Bryce Dickson and Mitch Harble who touched wheels causing both cars to flip violently and scattering race car parts twenty five yards across the race track. McMahan cruised to victory over Mumaw, Palker Chris Myers and Jaime Myers. Duncan, Chaney and Palker won heats and Duffy Smith won the B-Main.