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Haubstadt, IN – (October 6, 2012) – Chase Stockon of Elizabethtown, IN, became the first driver this season to put back to back wins together in the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series. Stockon won the second annual Harvest Cup Saturday night at the Tri-State Speedway. The victory was once again accomplished in convincing style. Stockon started on the front row and led every lap. He stretched his lead and was lapping cars at the back of the field by lap nine.

The victory was worth $4,000. It was Stockon’s fifth MSCS career feature victory. He was behind the wheel of the Laura Stockon Thirty-Two Racing Team entry sponsored by The Superior Tank & Trailer, First Financial Bank, and Sprint Lift. It was “Showtime” in the Winner’s Circle. “What an awesome race track. The cushion held the car and we won our second in a row from the outside of the front row.”

Shane Cottle was also in a hurry. The Kokomo, IN, driver started eighteenth in the twenty car field and powered his way up to finish second. The effort came despite immense odds. “We struggled all night. An axel broke in hot laps. In the heat I couldn’t get it to stay in gear.” Then an improved second place finish in the B Main secured a spot for him in the A. During the feature he appeared to be the only driver fast enough to race with Stockon but he had to catch him first. Cottle’s charge was obvious as a trail of smoke followed the car. As the 30 laps passed the spirited effort earned him the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race Award.

Josh Burton seemed to be pleased with his third place feature finish. “This is the best we have done here.” Burton was in the top five battle for the entire main event. Donny Brackett and Wes McIntyre rounded out the top five for the Harvest Cup. Brady Short, Dakota Jackson, Chase Briscoe, Robert Ballou, and C.J. Leary formed the second five.

Dakota Jackson won the 12 lap B Main.

Eleventh went to Jon Stanbrough. The driver in that position always receives the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award. Stanbrough spent the entire race working deep in the pack. He had been involved in a second lap incident with Brandon Mattox in turn two that eliminated Mattox’s car and sent Stanbrough to the tail.

Although at a disadvantage, Stanbrough worked for opportunities to improve his position. He also had to keep Robert Ballou in sight. The two were just 9 points apart in the quest for the series season championship. Ballou would finish ahead of him in ninth but Stanbrough had done well enough to protect his points lead. Jon Stanbrough won the 2012 Hoosier Tire MSCS Championship. Honors were bestowed after the feature with trophies being presented trackside. The MSCS Car Owners trophy was awarded to Daryl Tate & Dan Roberts at a trackside ceremony following the night’s features.

Heat races were won by Kevin Thomas Jr., Brady Short, and Chase Stockon. The first heat race paired up the two championship contenders and the two Rookie of the Year contenders. There were important races within the race. Rookie point leader Chet Williams arrived at the track just in time to start the heat after being involved in a wedding late that afternoon. Rookie contender Brian Karraker finished two spots ahead of Williams and both transferred to the B Main. Again Karraker finished two spots ahead of Williams.

The difference between the two rookie drivers in the B Main was the opportunity Karraker needed. In finishing fourth he took the last transfer to the feature and the availability of additional points. He would start 20th. He had to finish 16th or better in the A Main to become the Rookie of the Year. Karraker finished 12th. Brian Karraker made up a 10 point deficit in one night to become the 2012 MSCS Rookie of the Year. He was awarded the trophy following the races.

Levi Kissinger of Mt. Vernon, IN, won the UMP Open Wheel Modified feature to conclude the racing program at Tri-State Speedway. The feature paid $1,000 to win. It was Kissinger’s first win at the track this season. Kissinger enjoyed a perfect night in also winning the first heat race.

Stephen Schnapf of Newburgh, IN, finished in the runner-up spot followed by Willie Madison, Dave Beck, and Ken Schrader. Schnapf has had an outstanding season consisting of 2 wins early in the season along with four second and two third place finishes. It was Madison’s best finish of the season. Beck won the B Main earlier in the evening. Longtime NASCAR driver Kenny Schrader was making his second appearance of the season at Tri-State Speedway. Brandon McDowell and Shawn Cates won the other two heat races.

The Harvest Cup concluded the 2012 season for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series and served as the final race of the season at Tri-State Speedway.

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“Harvest Cup”
Tri-State Speedway
Haubstadt, IN
October 6, 2012

Hoosier Tire MSCS Sprints:
(25 Entries)

First Heat – 1) 9k Kevin Thomas Jr., 2) 3c Kyle Cummins, 3) 38p Seth Parker, 4) 30 C.J. Leary, 5) 21x Jon Stanbrough, 6) 12 Robert Ballou, 7) 23 Brian Karraker, 8) 10x Aric Gentry, 9) 38w Chet Williams

Second Heat – 1) 36 Brady Short, 2) 38 Jeff Bland Jr., 3) 04 Josh Burton, 4) 5 Wes McIntyre, 5) 4B Donny Brackett, 6) 35x Chris Babcock, 7) 90 Patrick Budde, 8) 56x Jared Fox

Third Heat – 1) 32 Chase Stockon, 2) Jonathan Hendrick, 3) 5b Chase Briscoe, 4) 28 Brandon Mattox, 5) 1x Kurt Gross, 6) 3x Dakota Jackson, 7) 1c Kent Christioan, 8) 2e Shane Cottle

B Main – 1) Jackson, 2) Cottle, 3) Christian, 4) Karraker, 5) Babcock, 6) Williams, 7) Fox, 8) P. Budde, 9) A. Gentry

Feature (30 Laps) – 1) Stockon, 2)Cottle, 3) Burton, 4) Brackett, 5) McIntyre, 6) Short, 7) Jackson, 8) Briscoe, 9) Ballou, 10) Leary, 11) Stanbrough, 12) Karraker, 13) Bland Jr., 14) Parker, 15) Hendrick, 16) Christian, 17) Cummins, 18) Gross, 19) Thomas Jr., 20) Mattox