Over $250,000 in Cash and Contingencies Handed Out at Knoxville Banquet!

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By Bill W

November 17, 2012 – The Knoxville Raceway banquet was held on Saturday, November 17 at the Dowtwon Marriott in Des Moines, Iowa. Assorted cash and contingencies totaling over $250,000 for owners and drivers were the highlight of the night.

A total of nine chassis giveaways highlighted a contingency package which every driver in the points benefited (see prize list with winners below). In addition, the Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) again provided insurance covering all Knoxville drivers for 2013 anywhere they may race plus a driving suit from Simpson.

Newly named General Manager, Brian Stickel, opened the program up with a few announcements for 2013. Youth up to seniors in high school will be admitted free of charge for four events. “Race for School” Night will return for the Season Openers. Several charity events will also return.

Contingencies were handed out next, and for the third year in a row, were done by draw in front of the banquet crowd of over 500. Chassis winners included Matthew Stelzer (Schnee) in the 305 class, Steve Wares (Maxim), Russ Hall (Schnee) and David Hall (J&J) in the 360 class, and Tasker Phillips (Eagle), Don Droud Jr. (Maxim), Rager Phillips (Eagle), Rob Kubli (J&J) and Josh Schneiderman (Eagle) in the 410 class. Schneiderman’s chassis was presented for selling the most race tickets online at his driver site.

Darnell Fuels and Quality Racing Products presented the Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) a check for $775.70.

The “Jr. Fan Club Drivers of the Year” were announced next. Terry McCarl (410), Joe Beaver (360) and Mitchell Alexander (360) won in their respective classes. Young fan, Dillon Nicholson, was honored as the “Jr. Fan Club Member of the Year”.

Marion County Fair Board Member, Grant Rankin, presented the “Fan of the Year Award” to long-time Knoxville Raceway supporters Ted and Delores Schaefer.

Davey Heskin was awarded the “Hard Luck Award”. Heskin finished 11 points behind McCarl in the 410 points race.

After Race Director, John McCoy, addressed the audience, he presented his “Owner of the Year” Awards to the Van Haaften Racing #33 (305), the Beaver Motorsports #53 (360) and the Conrad Maxwell #56 (410).

Bob Baker, the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Executive Director, presented the “Heritage Award” to longtime driver, car builder and owner, Lenard McCarl, who was joined on the stage by grandsons, Austin and Carson.

The “Lyle Boyd Hard Charger Award” awards the drivers who passed the most cars in A main events this season. Matthew Stelzer received the award in the 305 class, while Clint Garner (360) and Dusty Zomer (410). Alan Ambers (305), RJ Johnson (360) and Bronson Maeschen (410), who won for a second time, were named the “Most Improved Driver” in their respective classes.

Dustin Selvage was named the “Sportsman of the Year” in the 410 class, while David Hall picked up the honor in the 360 class for a third time. J Kinder (305), Carson McCarl (360), and Rob Kubli (410) were named “Rookie of the Year” in their respective classes.

Drivers outside of the top five in the 305, 360 and 410 classes received their accolades.

The big hardware went out last to the top five drivers and owners in the point standings. In the 305 class J Kinder (5th), Alan Ambers (4th), Mitchell Alexander (3rd), Mike Van Haaften (2nd) and Matthew Stelzer (champion) were honored in the driver category, while Kinder (5th), Goodno Promtions (4th), Alexander (3rd), Van Haaften Racing (2nd), and Stelzer (champion) received their owner awards.

In the 360 class, Joe Beaver (5th), Jon Agan (4th), Nate Van Haaften (3rd), Matt Moro (2nd) and Clint Garner (champion) were honored in the driver category, while Beaver Motorsports (5th), Agan (4th), Van Haaften Racing (3rd), Moro (2nd), and Boyd and Glenda Fluth (champion) received owner awards. The championships were the fourth in a row for Garner and the Fluth’s.

In the 410 class, Mark Dobmeier (5th), Dusty Zomer (4th), Bronson Maeschen (3rd), Davey Heskin (2nd) and Terry McCarl (champion) were drivers honored, while owner awards went to Lunstra/Dobmeier (5th), Woodruff Racing (4th), Maeschen (3rd), Conrad Maxwell (2nd) and TMAC Motorsports (champion). The championship was the seventh for McCarl as a driver.

Contingency Winners by Draw (presented to owners)…

Chassis – Matthew Stelzer (Schnee) in the 305 class, Steve Wares (Maxim), Russ Hall (Schnee) and David Hall (J&J) in the 360 class, and Tasker Phillips (Eagle), Don Droud Jr. (Maxim), Rager Phillips (Eagle), Rob Kubli (J&J) and Josh Schneiderman (Eagle) in the 410 class

Vortex Wings – 305: Chris Horton (with Butlerbuilt seat), Ben Woods, Andrew Shelton, J Kinder, Mitchell Alexander, Dakota Hendrickson, Cody Ambers, Alan Ambers, Lee Patterson; 360: Tony Shilling, RJ Johnson (with Bell Helmet), Clint Garner (with Headers); 410: Glen Saville, Jarrod Schneiderman (with VSC Shocks)

HRP Wings – 305: Matt Stephenson, Mike Van Haaften (with wheel wrench); 360: Matt Moro (with Headers), Josh Riggins (with tire wrench); 410: Ryan Bunton (with tire groover)

Butlerbuilt seats – 305: Bart Friedrichsen; 360: Tom Lenz; 410: Ian Madsen

DMI Quick Change Rear-ends – 360: Jon Agan; 410: Bronson Maeschen

Winters Rear-end – 410: Mark Dobmeier

Ti64 Ti Bolt Kits – 360: Alan Zoutte; 410: Dusty Zomer

BMRS Complete Carbon Line Kits – 360: Joe Beaver, 410: AJ Moeller

Hinchman Driver’s Suit with Crew Shirts – 360: Casey Friedrichsen

Weld Front Wheel Set – 360: Jamie Ball

Brodix Cylinder Heads – 360: Carson McCarl

VSC Shock Set – 410: Williams 7K (with Headers)

All Pro Heads – 410: VanderEcken 10

410 Headers, Kinsler Fuel Pump, Vortex Wing – 410: TJ Peterson

FSR Hot Water Heater Set-up – 410: Terry McCarl

DMI Front Axle Kit – 410: Dustin Selvage, Lynton Jeffrey

Weld Wheel Set – 410: Davey Heskin

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