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Liberal, KS — (July 29, 2013) — Championship night of the 5 State Fair saw several story lines unfold during Monday nights battle at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Liberal, Kansas. The evening at the fair saw 18 teams battle for Rebel Speedweek Points and the right to be crowned 5 State Fair Champion. At the end of the night two drivers would share the spotlight, Plains Kansas shoe Luke Cranston would claim the finale while Green River hot foot, Zac Taylor, would claim the 5 state Fair Championship for the cowboy state of Wyoming.


Ulysses Kansas driver Cody Caldwell would lead the field of 18 winged warriors to the green flag for the final night of competition at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Liberal, Kansas. Lance Davis would use his outside row one starting position to take the early lead with Koby Walters and Brian Herbert the top three.


Herbert would power to the lead on the sixth circuit and with the lap scored the caution would fly on lap 7 for the Fronk Oil 21X of Taylor Velzaquez. Velasquez would leave the arena and Herbert would restart at the front with Davis and Walters in tow.


Herbert would set a frantic pace but the caution would be just what the doctor ordered for “Cool Hand” Luke Cranston, who would break into the top five on the restart and move to the runner up slot on lap fifteen.


Cranston would not be content to ride second though and would blast to the point on the sixteenth round. Cranston would be the third and final driver to lead the bout but the drive of the night would go to Zac Taylor. Gridding the field in the 14 position, the fourteen year old shoe would carve up the competition with a 2nd place podium finish.


Herbert would grab the show position in third with Liberal’s own Steven Richardson finding fourth. Jason Martin would climb to fifth to round out the top five.


Monday’s show wrapped up four consecutive nights of Rebel competition. With three of those nights at the Five State Fair in Liberal which saw Zac Taylor’s DR Griffin & Associates 86 capture the fair championship.


Taylor also earned the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger Award, advancing 12 positions to finish 2nd on Monday evening.


Car Count: 18


Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Jason Martin, 2. Brian Herbert, 3. Barry Crane, 4. Cody Caldwell, 5. Brandon Sprott, 6. Kade Hagans


Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Koby Walters, 2. Lance Davis, 3.Luke Cranston, 4. Ray Seemann, 5. Zac Taylor, 6. Jerry Caldwell


Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. Jake Bubak, 2. Taylor Velasquez, 3. Steven Richardson, 4. Kaden Taylor, 5. Jordan Randles, 6. Jeremy Huish



Lap Leaders: Lance Davis (1-5), Brian Herbert (6-15), Luke Cranston (16-25)


A Feature (25 Laps): 1. Luke Cranston, 2. Zac Taylor, 3. Brian Herbert, 4. Steven Richardson, 5. Jason Martin, 6. Ray Seemann, 7. Koby Walters, 8. Jake Bubak, 9. Barry Crane, 10. Kade Hagans, 11. Lance Davis, 12. Jordan Randles, 13. Kaden Taylor, 14. Jerry Caldwell, 15.Cody Caldwell, 16. Jeremy Huish, 17. Brandon Sprott, 18. DNF Taylor Velasquez



2013 Feature Winners: CJ Johnson-2, Luke Cranston-2, Barry Crane-1, Jeff Radcliffe-1, Brian Herbert-1, Darren Bowman-1, Ray Seemann-1, Taylor Velasquez-1, Adam Trimble-1, Mark Walinder-1, Jake Bubak-1, Pat Bourke-1, JD Johnson-1, Steven Richardson-1, Zac Taylor-1