Trevor Kobylarz. - Bill Miller Photo
Trevor Kobylarz. - Bill Miller Photo
Trevor Kobylarz. – Bill Miller Photo

From Bedford Speedway


Bedford, PA — (August 23, 2013) —    Trevor Kobylarz led the way as the ARDC midgets invaded the Bedford Speedway Friday night.  Althought not his first ARDC win, it was the first ever Bedford triumph of his career.   Kobylarz led an evening which featured two more first time winner and an upset in the five classes.  Wayne Johnson pulled the exciting upset as he held off both Matt Parks and Jason Covert  to score his first Late Model win in over 8 seasons.  Greg Hainsey took the Muss Weyant Memorial, scoring his first career  track Semi Late event.  Terry Norris and Dustin Kinser took the nightcaps.  The 4 Cylinder win was Kinser’s first ever in competition.
    Ryan Greth was the pole sitter and early ARDC leader.  He led Brett Wanner early as Kobylarz threaded his way forward from his eighth starting position.  By the first caution event on lap 7, Kobylarz was only up to fifth but  he really came alive after that break.  While Greth and Wanner got away from the field, Kobylarz  made it to third and started closing.
    On lap 14, Kobylarz took second and set out after the leader.  He shot by on the backstretch on lap 17 and ran off to the win.  Greth held on for second, ahead of Steve Drevecki who came all the way from 12th, Wanner and Jim Radney.Radney and Greth won the heats.  The second heat was highlighted by a snap flip by Billy Courtwright in turn two which thrilled the crowd.
    Wayne Johnson  broke into the early lead in Late Model action.   The yellow flew on the next lap as Jason Covert tangled with DJ Troutman in turn one and a  six car melee ensued.  Although at the center of the action,. officials decided that Covert had not stopped in the mayhem and he restarted fourth.  With track point leader Matt Parks only a spot ahead, the battle was on at the drop of the green.
     With Johnson out ahead,  Parks and Covert both cleared Shawn Claar on lap 7 and traded the second spot with each other.  Lap after lap Johnson led while the pair seemed more interested in battling each other.  When Johnson encountered Matt Sala  both closed in on him and  the three of them swapped paint.  Covert took second in that exchange but Parks flew back by a lap later.   When the next caution flew on lap 17,  Parks was still second, but Covert was on the attack again.   He retook the spot just before the next caution flew on lap 20.  A couple of quick cautions set up a two lap dash with Johnson still in the lead.
    Parks got by Covert for second as the white flag flew,  but Johnson was set to really add excitement as his engine erupted .  But on the last lap, with the lead in hand,  and Victory a half mile ahead,  Johnson elected to stand on it   With smoke and fire belching and Parks all over him, Johnson perservered for he win, his first at the track since the 2005 fair event.  Parks won out in his battle with Covert for second.   Chuck Clise came all the way from 11th to take fourth, ahead of Mike Altobelli Jr, Matt Cosner and  Matt Sponaugle.  Claar and Parks won the heats.
     Kerry Molovich was  the pole sitter and early leader in the Weyant Memorial 35 lapper, the biggest Semi Late event of the year.   He attracted a crowd at the front and on lap 8, Greg Hainsey and Jesse Snyder got by.  Hainsey got ahead of the pack as 5 cars ran in a group.   With a few minor caution slowdowns,  Hainsey led the field as Bob Jay and Jim Saylor plodded forward.   Jay got by Snyder for second on lap 17 but Hainsey held on.  Over the last half of the event, Jay reeled Hainsey in but could not get by.
    At the finish,  Hainsey and Jay had distanced themselves from the field,  with Dave Whetstone in tow.
 Sayler chased Whetstone across in fourth.   Molovich was fifth, ahead of Jamie Swank, Chris Chamberlain, George Beckett and Ryan Beckett.  Sayler, Zane Weicht and Molovich won the heats.
    Mike Ott held off a seven car mob in the Pure Stock event.  As Ott led, the positions behind him changed lap by lap.   Finally on lap 10, Terry Norris slid by into the lead.  Charlie Walter got by Ott a lap later but chased Norris across the line.  Travis Group came from deep in the field to get by Ott on the last lap for thirs.  Ott, Bill Replogle, Kyle Beckett, Justin Michael and Jim Dearmitt trailed.  Norris and Michael won the heats.
     The 4 Cylinder finale was another slam bang affair.  Pat Breahm was the early leader, but Dustin Kinser got by on lap 4.  Kinser led the rest of the way ahead of three and four wide action in pursuit.  Breahm slid back as far as sixth at one point but rallied back to take second at the finish.  Dustin Drake, Rober Pluta, Matt Diehl, Cale Martin, Tom Brady andEJ Johnson trailed.   Breahm,  Johnson and Drake won the heats.
ARDC MIDGETS 20 LAPS  1  Trevor Kobylarz,  Ryan Greth,  Steve Drevecki,  Brett Wanner,  Jim Radney,  Tony Dematta,  Bruce Bookwalter,  Brett Arndt,  PJ  Gargiulo,  Joe Bureca,  Alex Bright,  John Heydenrich,  Nick Wein,  Mark Gilmore,  Kyle Luck,  DNS  Billy Courtwright