Brad Haudenschild WIns at Wayne County

From Mike Swanger

Orrville, OH — (June 7, 2014) — Another beautiful night for racing greeted the fans and racers at NAPA Wayne County Speedway on Lias Tire night with continued great racing by all class’. It was the Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks in the spotlight with two 15 lap features on the agenda and if one driver could pick up both feature wins, he would get a bonus of $1,000. Points leader Larry Baldwin would grab the lead from the pole of the 1st feature but he went pitside during lap three with mechanical problems giving the lead to Tyler Thompson with Mitch Caskey, Nick Smith and Mansfield’s Bob Daugherty in a threeway tussle for second. Thompson would bobble in turn two on lap 8 with all three contenders slipping past with Daugherty taking charge. Daugherty and his Char’s Cars, Met’s Machine Shop and KA Recovery #21d would begin to pull away as Mike Lonas had worked his way into fifth and moved past Thompson with five laps to go and on the next circuit passed Caskey for third and with two to go took second from Smith right before a caution flag. On the restart Daugherty kept the door closed on Lonas for the win as Caskey, Thompson and Brandon Gardner filled out the top five. The second feature would line up inverted from the finish of the 1st race as long as drivers were on the lead lap of the opening feature and that would put Daugherty in the 11th starting position. Fifth starting Matt Schroyer charged to the opening lap lead with 7th starting Gardner in his tire tracks. At the halfway mark, Daugherty had moved to third and he and Gardner went back and forth for second until the five to go mark when Daugherty secured second and closed in on Schroyer. On lap 12, Daugherty overpowered Schroyer for the point but a caution flew before the lap was completed negating Daugherty’s pass. When the green flag reappeared, Daugherty tried the pass on the low side and with the white flag ready to wave, the #21d slipped under Schroyer coming out of turn four, taking the lead and driving back to victory lane for the second time of the night. Gardner would take third with Lonas and Caskey rounded out the top five. The night started out with Kyle Moore breaking his own track record as he dropped that to 19.608 seconds but a 1st lap skirmish with Matt Aber in heat one disrupted the handling of his machine the rest of the night. Heat winners were Daugherty, Baldwin and Caskey. Nick Smith pocketed $150 for winning the crack the whip race.

Broc Martin jumped into the lead at the drop of the green of the Fisher Performance Sprint feature but a red flag flew on lap two as the Harble brothers tagged each other with Jordan, who was fast qualifier, spinning to a stop in the infield of turn four while Mitch had his machine continue on with no steering and went through the sponsor signs on the front stretch infield and coming to a stop against the water truck. They were both ok. Back to race action and it would go non stop to the end with Martin being pursued by Danny Mumaw and Millersburg’s Brad Haudenschild with Haudenschild taking second on lap nine. With a half a straightaway advantage, Martin looked to be on his way for his second win of the season but as he worked on lap 23, he bumped a slower car in turn two, did a non stop 360 degree spin and kept going but by the time he got back up to speed, Haudenschild had sailed past and nailed down his third win of the season aboard the Kempthorn Auto Mall and Medi Taxi #38k. Russ Sansosti and Jason Dolick passed Mumaw with two laps to go as they took top five positions. Haudenschild and Martin claimed the heat wins.

The race that had the fans buzzing was the Lias Tire Late Model feature as the front row of quick timer Charlie Duncan and Ryan Markham were never more than a car length apart and most of the race were side by side. Although they were back and forth each lap, the Ashland based H & T Demolition, Accu Shocks and Fultz Fabrication #5m of Markham was scored the leader of every lap except lap 16 when Duncan crossed the line first. With the finish line in sight, the pair came steamrolling out of turn four side by side and with a pair of back markers right in front of them, Markham caught the back end of Mike Swansiger’s car, that sent him spinning into the infield, right as they crossed the finish line but was still inches ahead of Duncan for the win, Markham’s fourth of the year at NAPA WCS. Doug Drown ran third all race long as Shane McLoughlin and Larry Bellman followed. Heat race winners were Drown and Markham.

It was a sweep for Brad Hensel of Wooster as he won the heat race and led flag to flag for his fourth WQKT Mini Stock feature driving the DJ Directional Services and Sportsman’s Bar #28. Jason King finished second with Mike Rose, Doug Hensel and James Rowe following.

For most of the NAPA Mini Wedge feature it was Cody Stillion and Tanner McLoughlin dueling for the lead but a caution flag just as the white flag waved set up a restart that saw four wide going into turn one on the last lap and as they came out of turn four for the checkered flag, Robbie Ledger, of Jewett, squeezed by for his third win in a row aboard the Mansfield Hauling, Stull Trucking and Lewton Race Engines #33. Matthew Moore finished second to Ledger for the third time in a row as heat winner McLoughlin and Stillion finished third and fourth with Lucas Thomas grabbing fifth.

Once again the drivers were not only competing for the regular purse money but also prizes of nearly $50,000 over the season thanks to the Contingency Connection and nearly 100 Performance Manufacturers across the country.

Next Saturday night will be Mid Season Championships for all the divisions plus it will be the 1st Kid’s Clinic sponsored by Lowes with a lot of pre race activities between 3:30 and 6:30 pm including how to build projects, bounce houses and more. Go to for more information.


Saturday, June 7, 2014


Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore 19.608 NTR

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Bob Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, George Gaskins, Paul Whitten, Kyle Moore, Matt Aber

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Larry Baldwin, Nick Smith, Paul McVicker, Dennis Amstutz, Mike Lonas, Don Rutt, David Uhler

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Mitch Caskey, Brandon Gardner, Tyler Thompson, Chaz O’Dell, Zack Myers, Matt Schroyer

Feature #1 Bob Daugherty, Mike Lonas, Mitch Caskey, Tyler Thompson, Brandon Gardner, Chaz O’Dell, Matt Schroyer, Chris Albright, David Uhler, Don Rutt, Dennis Amstutz, George Gaskins, Zack Myers, Nick Smith, Kyle Moore, Paul McVicker, Larry Baldwin, Tyler Nicely, Matt Aber (dns), Paul Whitten (dns)

Feature #2 Bob Daugherty, Matt Schroyer, Brandon Gardner, Mike Lonas, Mitch Caskey, David Uhler, George Gaskins, Tyler Thompson, Kyle Moore, Nick Smith, Don Rutt, Zack Myers, Chris Albright, Chaz O’Dell, Paul McVicker, Dennis Amstutz (dns), Larry Baldwin (dns), Matt Aber (dns), Paul Whitten (dns)


Fast Qualifier Jordan Harble 15.104

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1 Brad Haudenschild, Jason Dolick, Kirk Jeffries, Pete Grove, Jordan Harble, Tommy Miller, Butch Beasley

Saldana Racing Products Heat 2 Broc Martin, Danny Mumaw, Russ Sansosti, Mitch Harble, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan

Feature Brad Haudenschild, Broc Martin, Russ Sansosti, Jason Dolick, Danny Mumaw, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Kirk Jeffries, Troy Kingan, Butch Beasley, Tommy Miller, Pete Grove, Mitch Harble, Jordan Harble


Fast Qualifier Charlie Duncan 17.647

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Charlie Duncan, JR Gentry, Mike Davis, Larry Bellman, Doug Kenworthy

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Ryan Markham, Rick Bond, Allan Baker, Jim Nicely, Blaine Aber, Mike Swansiger, Don Conley

Feature Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Larry Bellman, Jim Nicely, Blaine Aber, Mike Swansiger, Allan Baker, Mike Davis, JR Gentry, Don Conley, Doug Kenworthy, Rick Bond (dns)


Heat 1 Brad Hensel, Adam Kern, Mike Rose, Jason King, Doug Hensel, James Rowe, Keith Barr (dns)

Feature Brad Hensel, Jason King, Mike Rose, Doug Hensel, James Rowe, Adam Kern, Keith Barr (dns)


Heat 1 Tanner McLoughlin, Robbie Ledger, Cody Stillion, Matthew Moore, Caitlin Johnson, Billy Dawson, Lucas Thomas

Feature Robbie Ledger, Matthew Moore, Tanner McLoughlin, Cody Stillion, Lucas Thomas, Caitlin Johnson, Billy Dawson