Colton Hardy Scores First ASCS Southwest Victory at Arizona Speedway

2016 ASCS Southwest Top Story

By Bryan Hulbert

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (March 19, 2016) Operating a rebuilt racecar that came together this past Tuesday night, Arizona’s Colton Hardy found Victory Lane for the first time with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region, taking the win at the Arizona Speedway in Queen Creek on Saturday night. Not just Hardy’s first win with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region, but his first behind the wheel of a Sprint Car.

Topping a field of 23, Hardy is the 41st different winner in ASCS Southwest competition, beating out New Mexico’s Rick Ziehl who came from ninth to second. Casey Buckman was third with Bob Ream, Jr. advancing from seventh to fourth. J.T. Imperial was the night’s SpeedMart Hard Charger with a run from 17th to fifth.

From 12th, Ryan Linder crossed sixth with New Mexico’s Jesse Baker seventh. Making the haul from Montana, Jeremy McCune was eighth from 14th with Kaylene Verville and James Aragon rounding out the top-ten.

Ron Gilson offered up $25 to each of the night’s Heat Race winners with Kaylene Verville, Jesse Baker, and Dusty Zomer earning the bonus cash.

The Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region returns to action with two nights at the Southern New Mexico Speedway in Las Cruces, N.M. on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2. The Friday prelim pays out $1,250 to win with Saturday offering up a $5,000 winner’s check in the American Linen and Uniform Supply ASCS Southwest Shootout. For more information, log onto

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Race Results:

ASCS Southwest Region
Arizona Speedway – Queen Creek, Ariz.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Car Count: 23
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 01-Kaylene Verville; 2. 91-Casey Buckman; 3. 74-Colton Hardy; 4. 8A-Jordan Stetson; 5. 9-Ryan Linder; 6. 29-Darrell Sickles; 7. 7-Danny Mathus; 8. 4X-Rickey Hood

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 22B-Jesse Baker; 2. 8-Bob Ream Jr; 3. 4U-James Aragon; 4. 20Z-Rick Ziehl; 5. 90-Lance Norick; 6. 17K-Kyle Danielson; 7. 14-Cody Sickles; 8. 22-Mike Rux Jr

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 82-Dusty Zomer; 2. 5C-Billy Chester III; 3. 51-R.J. Johnson; 4. 0J-Jeremy McCune; 5. 56-Barry Martinez; 6. 75X-J.T. Imperial; 7. 55-Brent McKee

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 74-Colton Hardy[1]; 2. 20Z-Rick Ziehl[9]; 3. 91-Casey Buckman[2]; 4. 8-Bob Ream Jr[7]; 5. 75X-J.T. Imperial[17]; 6. 9-Ryan Linder[12]; 7. 22B-Jesse Baker[4]; 8. 0J-Jeremy McCune[14]; 9. 01-Kaylene Verville[6]; 10. 4U-James Aragon[10]; 11. 17K-Kyle Danielson[15]; 12. 8A-Jordan Stetson[13]; 13. 82-Dusty Zomer[3]; 14. 14-Cody Sickles[20]; 15. 7-Danny Mathus[19]; 16. 51-R.J. Johnson[5]; 17. 55-Brent McKee[21]; 18. 56-Barry Martinez[11]; 19. 90-Lance Norick[16]; 20. 29-Darrell Sickles[18]; 21. 5C-Billy Chester III[8]; 22. 4X-Rickey Hood[22]; 23. 22-Mike Rux Jr[23]