Johnny Bridges Awarded ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprint Victory At Toccoa Raceway

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By Bryan Hulbert
TOCCOA, Ga. (June 3, 2017) Ten years after winning the with the former ASCS Southern Region, North Carolina’s Johnny Bridges picked up his fifth career ASCS Regional victory, and first with the Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints at Toccoa Raceway on Saturday night.
While the No. 07 actually made to the checkered flag runner-up to Scott Hunter, the fellow North Carolina shoe was unfortunately disqualified during post-race tech due to the intake stacks on the engine not being in compliance with the rules of the American Sprint Car Series.

Advancing Bridges to the top of the roster, the runner-up spot was awarded to Michael Miller with Shane Morgan third. Despite a broken right rear shock and jacobs ladder, Tennessee’s Brian Bell pulled off an impressive fourth place finish with Lane Whittington completing the top-five.
Tristan Lee was sixth with Nick Snyder, Brandon Blenden, Clint Weiss, and Brandon Taylor making up the top-ten.
The Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints are back on track with the series going head-to-head with the Griffith Truck and Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region on Friday, June 16 at Bronco Motor Speedway and Saturday, June 17 at Battleground Speedway.
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Race Results:
ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints
Toccoa Raceway – Toccoa, Ga.
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Car Count: 17
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 23B-Brian Bell, [3]; 2. 07-Johnny Bridges, [7]; 3. 22-Shawn Murray, [5]; 4. 9-Lane Whittington, [9]; 5. 01-Shane Morgan, [8]; 6. 116-Nick Snyder, [4]; 7. 88-Brandon Blenden, [2]; 8. 0X-Clint Weiss, [1]; 9. 23-Lance Moss, [6]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 4M-Michael Miller, [3]; 2. 1X-Scott Hunter, [2]; 3. 07T-Brandon Taylor, [5]; 4. 29-Kyle Amerson, [8]; 5. 38-Tony Agin, [4]; 6. 00-Tristan Lee, [6]; 7. 52-Cody Karl, [1]; 8. 17-Jacob Necaise, [7]
A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 07-Johnny Bridges, [3]; 2. 4M-Michael Miller, [5]; 3. 01-Shane Morgan, [2]; 4. 23B-Brian Bell, [8]; 5. 9-Lane Whittington, [4]; 6. 00-Tristan Lee, [11]; 7. 116-Nick Snyder, [12]; 8. 88-Brandon Blenden, [15]; 9. 0X-Clint Weiss, [14]; 10. 07T-Brandon Taylor, [9]; 11. 22-Shawn Murray, [6]; 12. 29-Kyle Amerson, [7]; 13. 52-Cody Karl, [13]; 14. 17-Jacob Necaise, [16]; 15. 38-Tony Agin, [10]; 16. 23-Lance Moss, [17]; (DQ) 1X-Scott Hunter, [1]