Westbrook and DeMan Win on Insta-Insulation Monster Mash Night

Dylan Westbrook Dale Calnan photo

Dylan Westbrook
Dale Calnan photo

By Josh Gordon

OHSWEKEN, Ont. – Sept 8, 2017 – Cool September temperatures did not put a damper on Insta-Insulation Monster Mash Night at Ohsweken Speedway on Friday as 42 sprint cars packed the pit area for the final races before the 13th Annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals weekend. When the dust settled, it was Dylan Westbrook and Mack DeMan picking up feature wins.
Dylan Westbrook found Victory Lane again with the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars. (Photo by Dale Calnan/image Factor Media).
Cory Turner set the pace early in the 20-lap Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Car feature as he jumped out to a lead over pole-sitter Tyler Hendricks.

Hendricks soon found himself skirmishing with Cory’s brother Ryan for second. The two engaged in a side-by-side battle for several laps, which prevented sixth-place starter and track champion Dylan Westbrook from moving into the top three.

On lap 8, Westbrook was finally able to sneak by Hendricks and Ryan Turner, and he immediately began to cut into Cory Turner’s sizeable lead.

Lapped traffic slowed Cory Turner, and by lap 10 Westbrook was already right on his tail. Westbrook expertly navigated the slowed cars by using a low line. He breezed by Turner coming out of turn 2 on lap 14 and cruised to rest of the way to pick up the win.
Mack DeMan claimed the victory with the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars. (Photo by Dale Calnan/Image Factor Media).
A scramble start meant that B-Main winner Brian Nanticoke started on the pole for the 20-lap Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Car feature. Nanticoke lined up next to Josh Shantz, who used his starting spot to his advantage, leading the first 17 laps.

Shantz’s lead was aided by three cautions in the first nine laps of the race. The yellows meant that he was able to hold off eight-place starter Mack DeMan, who had already moved up to second place.

On lap 17, after a long green flag run, DeMan flew by Shantz using the high side of the racetrack. Lapped traffic prevented any chance of a Shantz comeback in the final two laps as DeMan picked up the win.

Jesse McDonald, Hannah Ferrell, and Ryan Hunsinger fought tooth and nail for third place as Shantz and DeMan combatted for the lead. When checkered flew, McDonald edged Hunsinger for third. A broken nose wing cost Ferrell a shot at the podium, but she was still able to round out the top-five.
Two 12-lap mechanics races were run in each of the three weekly Ohsweken Speedway stock car divisions. Jesse McDonald and Kyle Magrin won the Middlesport Mechanical Thunder Stock races. Billy Schwartzenburg and Jeff Farnsworth were at the front of the pack when checkered flew in the two HRW Automotive features. Dustin Longboat and Archie DeBoer picked up victories in the Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Bomber mechanics races.
Monster Truck Overkill Evolution was the overall winner for the Monster Truck competition. (Photo by Dale Calnan/Image Factor Media).
Monster trucks Overkill Evolution, Anger Management, and Black Stallion put on a show in between the features, crushing cars in the infield and catching major airtime. The wheelie competition, monster truck races, and freestyle sessions ensured that no car was safe in the Ohsweken infield as all three monster trucks were on a mission to destroy everything in sight.

YouTube star Tanner Fox also dazzled in his first ever appearance in a monster truck. Fox demolished a number of cars with Black Stallion in the infield after his meet and greet with the Ohsweken Speedway fans at the beginning of the night.
The 13th annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals is next weekend. The action gets started on Friday night with the Burger Barn Night Before the Nationals. The night will feature a pair of 15 lap A-Features for the 360 Sprint Cars, plus the Dave McLeod Memorial Shootout, Kevin Ward, Jr. Young Stars Challenge, and the Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks, HRW Automotive Mini Stocks, and Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Bombers. Saturday night is the $12,000 to win Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, plus the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Scramble #2.
July 21, 2017
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
Insta-Insulation Monster Mash Night
Total Entries – 42
Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars (15 entries)

A-Feature (20 laps –Time: 5:07.272)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 47x Dylan Westbrook (6); 2. 97 Cory Turner (2); 3. 38 Tyler Hendricks (1); 4. 91 Ryan Turner (3); 5. 10 Mitch Brown (8); 6. 14h Jim Huppunen (7); 7. 9 Steve Lyons (5); 8. 1-10 Jake Brown (10); 9. 80 Chris Steele (9); 10. 11 Jamie Turner (11); 11. 0c Cole Macdonald (12); 12. 6 Curtis Gartly (13); 13. 21 John Burbridge Jr. (4); 14. 21J John Burbridge Sr. (15); 15. 01k Mickey Kruchka (14); A-Feature Lap Leaders – Cory Turner 1-14, Dylan Westbrook 15-20; Hard Charger – Dylan Westbrook (+5 – 6th to 1st)

Lucas Oil Products Heat Race No.1 (8 laps – Time: 1:56.852)
Finish. # Name, Hometown (Starting Position)
1. 10b Mitch Brown, Brantford, ON (2); 2. 91 Ryan Turner, Caistor Centre, ON (1); 3. 14h Jim Huppunen, Fenwick, ON (3); 4. 47x Dylan Westbroook, Oakland, ON (6); 5. 1-10 Jake Brown, Brantford, ON (4); 6. 80 Chris Steele, St. Catharines, ON (7); 7. 6 Curtis Gartly, Thamesford, ON (5); 8. 01k Mikey Kruchka, Hamilton, ON (8)

Creative Edge Signs & Graphics Heat Race No.2 (8 laps – No Time)
Finish. # Name, Hometown (Starting Position)
1. 38 Tyler Hendricks, Pain Court, ON (1); 2. 9 Steve Lyons, Carlisle, ON, (3); 3. 97 Cory Turner, Caistor Centre, ON (2); 4. 21 John Burbridge, St. Williams, ON (7); 5. 11 Jamie Turner, Caistor Centre, ON (5); 6. 0c Cole Macdonald, Waterdown, ON (4); DNS 21 John Burbridge Sr., Simcoe, ON

Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars (27 entries)

A-Feature (20 laps – Time)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 4 Mack DeMan (8); 2. 18 Josh Shantz (2); 3. 88 Jesse McDonald (17); 4. 43h Ryan Hunsinger (7); 5. 8 Hannah Ferrell (3); 6. 68 Aaron Trukey (14); 7. 6m Eric McGlone (6); 8. 87x Shone Evans (11); 9. 1 Holly Porter (21); 10. 55 Mike Thorne (13); 11. 9c Brian Nanticoke (1); 12. 15 Dan Nanticoke (15); 13. 5d Jacob Dykstra (22); 14. 88h Josh Hansen (12); 15. 9 Paul Ballantyne (10); 16. 7 Caleb Wood (20); 17. 51 Trevor Young (18); 18. 38 Derek Miller (19); 19. 8h Matt Hill (9); DNF. 3x Lofton Schuts (5); DNF. 49h Jerry Hill (23); DNF. 29 Liam Martin (16); DNF. 18x Davey Boughton (4); DNS 5 DJ Christie; A-Feature Lap Leaders – Josh Shantz 1-17, Mack DeMan 18-20; Hard Charger – Jesse McDonald (+14 – 17th to 3rd)

Lucas Oil Products Heat Race No.1 (8 laps – Time: 2:03.772)
Finish. # Name, Hometown (Starting Position)
1. 87x Shone Evans, Scotland, ON, (1); 2. 29 Liam Martin, Binbrook, ON (3); 3. 49h Jerry Hill, Hagersville, ON (5); 4. 4 Mack DeMan, Mississauga, ON (7); 5. 6m Eric McGlone, Union, ON (9); 6. 38 Derek Miller, Ohsweken, ON (2); 7. 3x Lofton Shuts, Stoney Creek, ON, (4); 8. 8h Matt Hill, Ohsweken, ON (6); 9. 5 DJ Christie, Beachville, ON (8).

Klotz Automotive Heat Race No.2 (8 laps – Time: 2:04.106)
Finish. # Name, Hometown (Starting Position)
1. 1 Holly Porter, Delhi, ON, (1); 2. 5d Jacob Dykstra, Port Colborne, ON (2); 3. 18x Davey Boughton, Carlisle, ON, 4; 4. 18 Josh Shantz, St. Agatha, ON (8); 5. 15 Dan Nanticoke, Ohsweken, ON (6); 6. 68 Aaron Turkey, Ohsweken, ON (7); 7. 9 Paul Ballantyne, Brantford, ON (3); 8. 19 Brandon Murrell, Gores Landing, ON (9); 9. 51 Trevor Young, Ancaster, ON (5).

Creative Edge Signs & Graphics Heat Race No.3 (8 laps – Time: 2:03.518)
Finish. # Name, Hometown (Starting Position)
1. 88 Jesse McDonald, Caledonia, ON, (2); 2. 43h Ryan Hunsinger, Stouffville, ON, (4); 3. 55 Mike Thorne, Caledonia, ON (3); 4. 8 Hannah Ferrell, Simcoe, ON (8); 5. 7 Caleb Wood, London, ON (1); 6. 88h Josh Hansen, Beamsville, ON (6); 7. 9c Brian Nanticoke, Ohsweken, ON (5); 8. 44 Steve Day, Courtland, ON (7); DNF. 22 Allen Gilleta, St. Catharines, ON (9).

B-Feature (8 laps – Time: 3:04.174)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 9c Brian Nanticoke (3); 2. 9 Paul Ballantyne (2); 3. 8h Matt Hill (4); 4. 51 Trevor Young (8); 5. 5 DJ Christie (7); 6. 3x Lofton Schuts (1); 7. 19 Brandon Murrell (5); 8. 44 Steve Day (7). DNS. Allen Gilleta.
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