Big Win for Borden at Skagit Speedway

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From Kaleb Hart

ALGER, WA (June 25, 2020) – The fourth edition of Thursday Night Thunder at Skagit Speedway saw a fourth different winner in the Budweiser 360 Sprints as Devon Borden made a big move late race to score the win. Also on the all open wheel card, Jesse Schlotfeldt made huge last lap pass for the win in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint feature and Evan Margeson wired the field for the win in the NW Focus Midgets.

The early story in the Budweiser 360 Sprint A Feature was Corbyn Fauver, who was in search of his career Sprint Car win. Fauver held a solid lead until Devon Borden worked his way from sixth to second with a series of aggressive moves up the field and rapidly closed the gap between the two. Fauver had only five laps left for his first win before Borden began his barrage of moves to try and pass Corbyn, sliding him in multiple corners before finally taking the lead on lap 23. Distancing himself quickly, Borden built an insurmountable lead and scored the win, with Eric Fisher passing Fauver for second and leaving Corbyn to third.

Jesse Schlotfeldt won his first feature at Skagit Speedway in epic fashion, throwing a kamikaze slidejob for the win on the final lap. Kelsey Carpenter had led every lap comfortably until lap 23 when Schlotfeldt narrowed his advantage down to three car lengths. With a big head of steam coming out of turn two on the final lap, Schlotfeldt dove low on Kelsey entering turn three and closed the entire distance between the two and then some by mid turn. Surprised to see Schlotfeldt make such a huge move, Carpenter tried to counter but ended up looping his car at the exit of turn four as Jesse streaked past for his first win. Eric Turner and Sean Johnson also took advantage of the mistake, driving into second and third at the line.

Give Evan Margeson the lead and open racetrack in the NW Focus Midgets and he’s nearly unbeatable. The Tacoma, WA driver started on the pole and led all 25 laps of the main event, holding off a very racey Jared Peterson and Nik Larson for the win. While Margeson cruised, the race between Peterson and Larson was excellent for all 25 laps as the pair changed lines and spots multiple times before the finish.

Budweiser 360 Sprints

Fast Time – Brock Lemley

Heat 1 – Travis Jacobson

Heat 2 – Cam Smith

Heat 3 – Tyler Thompson

B Main – Chris Bullock, Bailey Sucich, Chris Ochs, Steve James, Eric Rockl

A Main – Devon Borden, Eric Fisher, Corbyn Fauver, Brock Lemley, Jason Solwold, Cam Smith, Chase Goetz, Reece Goetz, Travis Jacobson, Tanner Holmes, Colby Thornhill, Colton Heath, Tyler Thompson, Ashleigh Johnson, Bailey Sucich, Tyler Anderson, Chris Ochs, Chris Bullock

Lap Leaders – Fauver 1-22 Borden 23-25

Cook Road Sportsman Sprints

Fast Time – Kelsey Carpenter 12.602

Heat 1 – Steve Parker

Heat 2 – Zach McCabe

Heat 3 – Cory Swatzina

Main – Jesse Schlotfeldt, Eric Turner, Sean Johnson, Bill Rude, Brett McGhie, Steve Parker, Malachi Gemmer, Russell Ronan, Kyle Hanson, Jamee Gardner, Kelsey Carpenter, Corey Summers, Ashleigh Johnson, Zach McCabe, John Tharp, Cory Swatzina, Travis Jacobson

Lap Leaders – Carpenter 1-24 Schlotfeldt 25

NW Focus Midgets

Heat 1 – Evan Margeson

Heat 2 – Nik Larson

Heat 3 – Jared Peterson

B Main – Michael Hodel, Jesse Munn, Ray Stebbins, Hailey Bower, Brian Hayes, Stuart Milner, Michael Vollbrecht

A Main – Evan Margeson, Jared Peterson, Nik Larson, Nick Evans, Shane Smith, Alex Peck, Alden Ostrom, Seth Hespe, Ashley Thompson, Michael Hodel, Jake Austin, Mike Stryker, Marty Rosler, Brian Holmkvist, Ray Stebbins, JD Dryden, Jesse Munn, Brian Hayes

Lap Leaders – Margeson 1-25