Shane Forte at Cottage Grove

Shane Forte JRP Racing Photos

Cottage Grove, Oregon- Despite nearly nine months off from the last completed race, Cottage Grove Speedway kicked off their 2020 race season on Independence Day, Saturday, July 4th. The ¼-mile clay oval facility initially was slated to get the engines roaring back in late March but has been dormant due to COVID-19. The race featured Limited Sprints, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, Late Models, Street Stocks, and IMCA Sport Compacts all in action.

Shane Forte was dominant in the Limited Sprint main event. The race started with Arlington, Washington’s Brett McGhie, out in front on the opening start. McGhie paced the field until being overtaken on lap three by Central Point veteran T.J. Winningham. On the following lap, the fourth circuit, Forte, got to the front. There the Junction City gasser remained to win his first race of the year.

Jacksonville’s Tanner Holmes was second over third finishing Steven Snawder, of Roseburg. The rest of the top five would consist of Eagle Point rising star Johnny Burke, fourth and fifth placing Tyler Driever, from Meridian, Idaho.

Race Results:

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, Oregon

Limited Sprints

A-Feature: 1. Shane Forte; 2. Tanner Holmes; 3. Steven Snawder; 4. Johnny Burke; 5. Tyler Driever; 6. Pat Desbiens; 7. Anthony Pope; 8. Brett McGhie; 9. Don Waddell; 10. Mike Griffith; 11. Justin Lemon; 12. Dave Button; 13. Tyler Thompson; 14. Jesse Schlotfeldt; 15. R.C. Smith; 16. T.J. Winningham; 17. Tim Minter