Cam Schafer Bests 27 Car Field at Cedar Lake Speedway

Cam Schafer Vince Peterson photo

By Kris Peterson
The Pirtek UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars brought a 27 car field to Cedar Lake Speedway tonight after several rain outs have kept them off the track since mid July.
Heat race winners were Cam Schafer, Bryan Roach, and Mike Mueller.
The 20 lap Pirtek UMSS feature race would start 26 cars after losing the 2J of John Lowe who flipped in the 3rd heat race. The 97 of Schafer would jump out to an early lead from inside the 2nd row, with DaRonco, Parsons and Caho giving chase. Brad Peterson who started in the 12th position was climbing through the field at a good clip making it into 4th but was not a match for Schafer who put it up on the cushion and set the cruise control leading all 20 laps from green to checkers.


Heat 1: Schafer, Caho, Berger, Hanson, Peterson, Vogel, Widdes,Becker, Vadnais

Heat 2: Roach, DaRonco, Serabian, Brandt, Kouba, Kerzman, Kirchner, Cunningham,Vaillancourt

Heat 3: Mueller, Parsons, Lewerer, Stordahl, Hansen, Kouba, Stordahl, Lowe (DNF), Siem (DNS)

Pirtek UMSS Feature Results:

1 Cam Schafer
2 Nick DaRonco
3 Rob Caho Jr
4 Brad Peterson
5 Scott Brandt
6 Johnny Parsons III
7 Mike Mueller
9 Todd Hansen
10 Harry Hanson
11 Jon Lewerer
12 Jim Kouba
13 Denny Stordahl
14 Jake Kouba
15 Jeremy Kerzman
16 Brad Cunningham
17 Bryan Roach
18 Chris Vogel
19 Eric Serabian
20 DJ Vadnais
21 Eric Becker
22 Jeff Kirchner
23 Zach Widdes
24 Dennis Stordahl
25 John Vaillancourt (DNF)
26 Greg Siem (DNS)
27 John Lowe (DNS)

Photos: Vince Peterson