Bruce St. James Tops ASCS Desert Non-Wing at Arizona Speedway

Bruce St. James. (Patrick Shaw Photo)

From Bryan Hulbert

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (May 1, 2021) – His second career win with the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series, Bruce St. James, rolled into Victory Lane this past Saturday at Arizona Speedway.

Winning from sixth, “The Radio Flyer” took over the point on Lap 6 and never looked back. Taking the win by 3.333-seconds, runner-up honors went to Stevie Sussex, who advanced from fifth. Pete Yerkovich made it to the line third, with Joshua Shipley and Troy DeGaton making up the top five.

AJ Hernandez, Bryan Ledbetter, Jr., Patrick Krob, Rick Shuman, and Phillip Deeney completed the top ten.

Next for the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series is Arizona Speedway on Saturday, June 12.

ASCS Desert Sprint Car Series
Arizona Speedway
Queen Creek, Arizona
Saturday May 1, 2021

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 72-AJ Hernandez[1]
2. 3-Pete Yerkovich[2]
3. 10-Eugene Thomas[5]
4. 3K-Patrick Krob[3]
5. 7K-Bruce St James[4]
6. 39T-Troy DeGaton[6]

Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 2-Joshua Shipley[3]
2. 12-Stevie Sussex[1]
3. 25AZ-Rick Shuman[2]
4. 7OH-Bryan Ledbetter Jr[4]
5. 21C-Brian Chamberlain[6]
6. 88-Philip Deeney[5]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 7K-Bruce St James[6]
2. 12-Stevie Sussex[5]
3. 3-Pete Yerkovich[4]
4. 2-Joshua Shipley[2]
5. 39T-Troy DeGaton[11]
6. 72-AJ Hernandez[1]
7. 7OH-Bryan Ledbetter Jr[10]
8. 3K-Patrick Krob[8]
9. 25AZ-Rick Shuman[9]
10. 88-Philip Deeney[12]
11. 21C-Brian Chamberlain[7]
12. 10-Eugene Thomas[3]