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SELINSGROVE, Penn. (May 22, 2201) — A packed pit area of race cars produced the most exciting finishes of Selinsgrove Speedway’s early 75th anniversary season Saturday night with Alex Bright of Collegeville making a thrilling late-race pass by Briggs Danner of Allentown to score the victory in the 25-lap USAC East Coast 360 wingless sprint car main event.

Front-row starters Nash Ely and Briggs Danner brought the wingless sprint cars to the green flag in the main event with Danner pulling into the early lead. Alex Bright, who started fifth, advanced to third on the third circuit and then moved by fourth-place starter Kenny Miller for second on lap five.

Early in the race, Danner opened up a sizeable lead while the race for the top five positions intensified. The race’s first caution flag unfurled on lap 10 when Jason Cherry stopped in turn four. On the lap 11 restart, ninth-place starter Carmen Perigo showed some speed and challenged Bright for second to no avail.

At the halfway point, Danner led Bright, Perigo, third-place starter Mark Smith, and sixth-place starter Steve Drevicki. In the final 10 laps of the race, Bright had Danner in his sights in lapped traffic. While Danner raced the inside line, Bright stormed around the top the race track.

The second and final caution flag waved on lap 22 for Colby Womer in turn two. On the restart with three laps to go, Bright made a dive to the inside of turn one and pulled off a thrilling slider by Danner to take the lead. Danner tried to return the slider in turns three and four but Bright outraced him.

At the finish, Bright was victorious by a mere one-second margin of victory over Danner, Perigo, Smith, and Miller.

Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery passed Kenny Heffner of Watsontown with three laps to go in the 20-lap main event for his win in the PASS/IMCA 305 sprint car race.

Selinsgrove Speedway
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Saturday May 22, 2021

USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series

1. 20 Alex Bright
2. 5G Briggs Danner
3. 21 Carmen Perigo
4. m1 Mark Smith
5. 23M Kenny Miller
6. 3BC Nash Ely
7. 71 Chris Allen Jr.
8. 83 Bruce Buckwalter
9. 57 Damon Paul
10. 21K Tommy Kunsman
11. 17 Christian Bruno
12. 7A Ed Aiken
13. 88J Joey Amantea
14. 11 Mike Thompson
15. 17J Jonathan Swanson
16. 83S Billy Ney
17. 67 Jason Cherry
18. 12 Blaine Emery
19. 10 Mike Myers
20. 117 David Swanson
21. 7B Aiden Borden
22. 12W Troy Fraker
23. 19 Steven Drevicki
24. 07 Colby Womer

PA Sprint Car Series

1. 95 Garrett Bard
2. 97 Kenny Heffner
3. 67 Ken Duke
4. 34 Austin Reed
5. 99 George Riden
6. 5 John Walp
7. JM1 Justin Mills
8. 35 Buddy Schweibinz
9. 20 Doug Dodson
10. 2 Erin Statler
11. 69K Kassidy Kreitz
12. 99A Devin Adams
13. 7 Drew Young
14. 41Z Jared Zionkowski
15. 19 Kruz Kepner
16. 51 Dave Graber
17. 1 Rowdy Heffner
18. 46 Mike Alleman
19. 87 Austin Graby
20. 78C Dakota Schweikart
21. 54 Mike Melair
22. 1M Paul Moyer
23. 8 Will Brunson
24. 10 Jake Waters
25. 83 Larry McVay
26. 25 Dustin Young