Zach Blurton Captures United Rebel Sprint Series Victory at Bullring Nationals Finale

Zach Blurton Carl “Red” Larson photo

By Rick Salem
LACROSSE, Kansas (July 31, 2021) – The Drive to Zero POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing saw twenty-one competitors back in action for the Bullring Nationals finale on Saturday. Quinter, Kansas’ Zach Blurton cashed in on the $1,000 pay day atop “The Bullring” of Rush County Speedway in LaCrosse, Kansas.

Kyler Johnson and Ty Williams led the field to the green for Saturday’s 30-lap feature event. Williams rushed to the race lead ahead of JD Johnson and Zach Blurton. Three laps in, Blurton advanced into second with JD Johnson, Luke Cranston, and Kyler Johnson in tow.

Much of the first half of the race remained the same top-five runners until trouble ensued for the race leader, Ty Williams, as he was collected in a tangle with two lapped cars. Williams was unable to continue with severe damage.

The restart saw more trouble ensue as Gullion and Cranston collected coming to the green. Another restart showed Blurton to continue with the race lead, while Jed Werner and Kyler Johnson began a charge to move into second and third. With five laps remaining, Cranston moved into fifth from the tail of the field. Zach Blurton went on to claim the victory over Jed Werner and Kyler Johnson. Koby Walters and Luke Cranston completed the top-five finishers with the United Rebel Sprint Series.

Heat race action was claimed by Luke Cranston, Ty Williams, and JD Johnson. Connor Atkinson took home the Keizer Aluminum Wheels hard-charger award after starting twenty-first and finished ninth.

Blurton also took home the Green Mountain Grille furnished by Cates Automotive for being the high point driver for the three race “Rumble at the Bullring” season at Rush County Speedway. Jordan Knight finished second taking home a set of Corn hole boards and bags.

United Rebel Sprint Series

Rush County Speedway – LaCrosse, Kansas

July 31, 2021

Heat One (8 laps): 1) Luke Cranston, 2) Brian Herbert, 3) Steven Richardson, 4) Jeremy Huish, 5) Koby Walters, 6) Ross Essenburg, 7) Jack Potter

Heat Two (8 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Adam Gullion, 3) Jed Werner, 4) Zach Blurton, 5) Tyler Knight, 6) Jordan Knight, 7) Connor Atkinson

Heat Three (8 laps): 1) JD Johnson, 2) Kyler Johnson, 3) Todd Plemons, 4) Jake Galusha, 5) Jon Freeman, 6) Cash Beeson, 7) Darren Berry

A Feature (30 laps): 1) Zach Blurton, 2) Jed Werner, 3) Kyler Johnson, 4) Koby Walters, 5) Luke Cranston, 6) Todd Plemons, 7) Jordan Knight, 8) Jon Freeman, 9) Connor Atkinson, 10) Darren Berry, 11) JD Johnson, 12) Jack Potter, 13) Cash Beeson, 14) Brian Herbert, 15) Adam Gullion, 16) Jake Galusha, 17) Ty Williams, 18) Jeremy Huish, 19) Steven Richardson, 20) Tyler Knight, 21) Ross Essenburg

(Carl “Red” Larson photo)