Ty Williams Dominates at 81 Speedway with United Rebel Sprint Series

Ty Williams Darrin McKim photo

By Rick Salem
PARK CITY, Kansas (September 18, 2021) – Sixteen cars attended Saturday’s event at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas with the Drive to Zero POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing. The night saw Oklahoma-native, Ty Williams, with a dominating performance over the field from the drop of the green to the checkered.

Williams also captured the dash win ahead of Kansas’ Jordan Knight, placing them on the front row for the 25-lap feature event. Williams quickly hurried off the race lead ahead of J. Knight and Luke Cranston. On lap three, Jeff Stasa advanced to fourth ahead of Jeremy Huish and Texas’ Marcus Thomas. Huish and Thomas both reclaimed their position on lap five.

With eleven laps complete, second place running Jordan Knight slipped back to fourth behind Cranston and Huish. Just one circuit later, Thomas moved into position ahead Knight to claim fourth. Lap 15 saw Marcus Thomas move into third ahead of Jeremy Huish as Jeff Stasa reclaimed fifth.

The race completed in the same running order, as drivers navigated many different line techniques to attempt to advance. Ty Williams claimed the victory over Luke Cranston and Marcus Thomas on the podium. Jeremy Huish and Jeff Stasa complete the top five finishers.

Heat race competition was won by Jeff Stasa and Marcus Thomas. The Keizer Aluminum Wheels hard charger was awarded to Mike Kleymann, advancing five positions to finish tenth.

United Rebel Sprint Series

81 Speedway – Park City, Kansas

September 18, 2021

Heat One (8 laps): 1) Jeff Stasa, 2) Jeremy Huish, 3) Jordan Knight, 4) Luke Cranston, 5) Alan Cunningham, 6) Jon Freeman, 7) Cash Beeson, 8) Mike Kleymann

Heat Two (8 laps): 1) Marcus Thomas, 2) Ty Williams, 3) Tyler Knight, 4) Connor Atkinson, 5) Zach Blurton, 6) Stuart Snyder, 7) Eric Matthews, 8) JD Johnson

Dash (6 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Jordan Knight, 3) Luke Cranston, 4) Jeff Stasa, 5) Jeremy Huish, 6) Marcus Thomas

A Feature (25 laps): 1) Ty Williams, 2) Luke Cranston, 3) Marcus Thomas, 4) Jeremy Huish, 5) Jeff Stasa, 6) Zach Blurton, 7) Jordan Knight, 8) Stuart Snyder, 9) Jon Freeman, 10) Mike Kleymann, 11) Alan Cunningham, 12) Cash Beeson, 13) Tyler Knight, 14) Connor Atkinson, 15) Eric Matthews, 16) JD Johnson