Macri Charges from Eighth Starting Position to Win at Williams Grove

22 - Anthony Macri (Serena Dalhamer photo)

From Shawn Brouse

MECHANICSBURG, Penn. (July 8, 2022) — Anthony Macri came from eighth starting spot to claim the 25-lap 410 sprint car feature at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night,

The win was Macri’s 15th overall of the season and his third of the year at the speedway.

In the 25-lap USAC East sprint car main, Alex Bright held off a late race charge by Briggs Danner by the narrowest of margins to score his second win of the year at the track.

Driving the Westbrook 1W, Robbie Kendall blasted from the pole position into the lead at the start of the 410 sprint feature, holding sway over Brent Shearer during the first half of the race.

Kendall entered the backmarkers on the seventh tour as Macri battled with TJ Stutts for third.

Macri took second from Shearer with a low move in the first corner on the 12th lap just before a caution flag slowed the pace, wiping out a 2.014 second lead built by Kendall.

On the restart, Macri blasted under Kendall deep in the first turn and then slid up into the lead as Kendall tried to fight back working the inside lane off of the turn two cushion.

But Macri pulled away once in front only to have his pace slowed with nine laps to go when Justin Whittall slowed to a stop.

Dylan Norris wrestled with Kendall for second on the restart and briefly took the spot before Kendall returned the favor to hold the position to the finish.

Macri’s margin of victory was 4.704 seconds.

With Indiana mechanic Bernie Steuben turning the wrenches on Macri’s No. 39M, the winner was happy to take the checkers.

“I had a fire under my ass and I felt like I had a point to prove,” he said.

Danny Dietrich started 16th and motored to third at the finish, claiming the PA Dyno Hard Charger Award.

Norris rode home fourth followed by Freddie Rahmer.

Sixth through 10th went to Chase Dietz, TJ Stutts, Brent Shearer, Mark Smith and Lucas Wolfe.

Heats went to Kendall, Stutts and Shearer with the consolation going to Billy Dietrich.

Carmen Perigo Jr. led the first 10 laps before seventh starter Alex Bright secured the top spot in the USAC East feature event.

Christian Bruno came to second with 10 laps to go but during the final 10 laps point leader Briggs Danner made his way into contention after starting eighth.

He took second from Bruno with four laps to go and began his pursuit of the leader, whom he caught up with during the final lap and a half.

Bright went into defense on the final lap, changing lanes to thwart Danner’s attack.

However Danner was able to get to his inside Bright coming out of turn four on the final lap before drag racing him to the finish line.

In what may have been considered a tie before the institution of electronic timing, Bright held on for the win by a scant .030 seconds.

Bruno was third followed by Steve Drevicki and Mark Smith.

Sixth through 10th went to Ed Aiken, Joey Amantea, Kenny Miller III., Carmen Perigo Jr. and Preson Lattomus.

Heats went to Tommy Kunsman and Drevicki.

Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Friday, July 8, 2022

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. Anthony Macri
2. Robbie Kendall
3. Danny Dietrich
4. Dylan Norris
5. Freddie Rahmer
6. Chase Dietz
7. TJ Stutts
8. Brent Shearer
9. Mark Smith
10. Lucas Wolfe
11. Tyler Ross
12. Kyle Moody
13. Brandon Rahmer
14. Billy Dietrich
15. Cody Fletcher
16. Dwight Leppo
17. Bryn Gohn
18. Steve Buckwalter
19. Justin Whittall
20. Brad Howard
21. Jordan Givler
22. Todd Allen
23. Alan Krimes
24. Gordon Senft III

Dylan Cisney
Austin Bishop
Rick Lafferty
Steve Kisamore

USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series

1. Alex Bright
2. Briggs Danner
3. Christian Bruno
4. Steve Drevicki
5. Mark Smith
6. Ed Aiken
7. Joey Amantea
8. Kenny Miller III.
9. Carmen Perigo Jr.
10. Preston Lattomus
11. Colin White
12. Jason Cherry
13. Tommy Kunsman
14. Troy Fraker
15. Steve Wilbur
16. Aiden Borden
17. Bruce Buckwalter Jr.
18. Bobby Butler
19. Chris Allen

Billy Ney