Kyle Cummins Wins the Bob Darland Classic at Kokomo

Kyle Cummins with Daver Darland in victory lane at Kokomo Speedway. (Jim Denhamer photo)

KOKOMO, Ind. (July 9, 2022) — Kyle Cummins won the Bob Darland Classic for the Midwest Sprint Car Series at Kokomo Speedway. Jason McDougal, Kevin Thomas Jr, Scotty Weir, and Cole Bodine rounded out the top five.

Midwest Sprint Car Series
Bob Darland Classic
Kokomo Speedway
Kokomo, Indiana
Saturday, July 9, 2022

1. 3R Kyle Cummins
2. 5M Jason McDougal
3. 15K Kevin Thomas Jr.
4. 4P Scott Weir
5. 57B Cole Bodine
6. 5S Chase Stockon
7. 79B Max Adams
8. 77AU Todd Hobson
9. 36D Dave Darland
10. 44-Wesley Smith
11. 11-H Jack Hoyer
12. 34-Sterling Cling
13. 2B Chad Boespflug
14. 9Z Zack Pretorius
15. 11D Aaron Davis
16. 57-Colten Cottle
17. 74X Shane Cottle
18. 7-Critter Malone
19. 29-Mitch Wissmiller
20. 15-Carson Garrett