Swiernik Wins ESS Feature at Cornwall

From Curtis Berleue

CORNWALL, Ont. (June 25, 2023) — | For the first time in 2023 and the 4th time in his career, Dylan Swiernik picked up the Empire Super Sprints victory at the Cornwall Motor Speedway on Sunday night.

Pinnacle Pole Award winner Trevor Years and Jason Barney would lead the field to green for the 25-lap main event. Barney jumped out to an early lead, with 4th starting Dylan Swiernik right in tow.

In the first handful of laps, Barney was able to extend his lead to just over 1.5 seconds, but Swiernik started cutting into that lead on lap 6. After a caution and the ensuing restart, Swiernik was able to get by Barney on lap 9 to take the lead.

Meanwhile, Jordan Poirier had been slowly marching forward from his 7th starting spot and followed Swiernik around the #87 of Barney to take second on lap 9.
With the balance of the field behind him, Swiernik never looked back and led the remainder of the event and collected the $2,000 A-Main win.

“The track did a good job tonight, they got it to where we could race 2 and 3 wide,” said Swiernik. “We were able to take the lead on the restart and had a battle through lap traffic with Jordan Poirier, I think it was a really good race for the fans.”

Hometown favorite Jordan Poirier came home in second and was able to extend his points lead.

“Everyone was convinced that the bottom was going to be better, on the initial start I was able to pass probably 4 cars on the top and my car was really good,” said Poirier. “I think my car was good at the beginning, but then too free by the end. Still, it was a pretty good night for us.”

Jeff Cook advanced 8 positions overall on the night and completed the Ashley Lynn Winery podium finishing in third.

“The track ended up being alright tonight. In the beginning we were a little skeptical and thought it was going to take some rubber, but the track crew did an awesome job and got it pretty racy,” said Cook. “I’m happy with a third place, I thought I had a little more in the car, but we will take a third and move on to Speedweek.

21 cars signed into the pits Sunday night at Cornwall, splitting the field into 3 timed hot lap groups. Matt Tanner, Shawn Donath and Jason Barney were each quickest in their groups and picked up the Rifenburg Contracting Fast Time awards. E&V Energy heat race wins went to Matt Tanner, Jeff Cook, and Joe Trenca. The Cobra Coaches Dash presented by West Front Construction Ltd. Was won by Mathieu Bardier.

The next scheduled event for the Empire Super Sprints is annual CNY Speedweek, which kicks off this Wednesday night at the Can-Am Speedway in LaFargeville, NY. Action will then move to the Utica-Rome Speedway on Thursday, Brewerton Speedway on Friday and culminate at the Fulton Speedway on Saturday.

Empire Super Sprints
Cornwall Motor Speedway
Cornwall, Ontario
Sunday, June 25, 2023

Heat Race #1
1. #90-Matt Tanner[2]
2. 28-Jordan Poirier[1]
3. #3G-Dale Gosselin[4]
4. 77T-Tyeller Powless[3]
5. 19-Mathieu Bardier[7]
6. 42W-Rick Wilson[5]
7. 98R-Evan Reynolds[6]

Heat Race #2
1. #10-Jeff Cook[1]
2. #53-Shawn Donath[2]
3. #5D-Jacob Dykstra[4]
4. #13T-Trevor Years[3]
5. 51-Lee Ladouceur[5]
6. #36-Logan Crisafulli[7]
7. 11J-Chris Jones[6]

Heat Race #3
1. #98-Joe Trenca[1]
2. #7C-Dylan Swiernik[3]
3. #87-Jason Barney[2]
4. 84-Tyler Rand[5]
5. #88C-Chad Miller[4]
6. #13-Keith Granholm[7]
7. #23-Tyler Cartier[6]

1. #7C-Dylan Swiernik[4]
2. 28-Jordan Poirier[9]
3. #10-Jeff Cook[11]
4. #90-Matt Tanner[8]
5. #87-Jason Barney[2]
6. #5D-Jacob Dykstra[6]
7. #53-Shawn Donath[10]
8. 77T-Tyeller Powless[3]
9. #13T-Trevor Years[1]
10. 51-Lee Ladouceur[15]
11. #23-Tyler Cartier[21]
12. #36-Logan Crisafulli[16]
13. 11J-Chris Jones[20]
14. 84-Tyler Rand[5]
15. 42W-Rick Wilson[14]
16. #88C-Chad Miller[17]
17. #3G-Dale Gosselin[12]
18. 19-Mathieu Bardier[13]
19. #13-Keith Granholm[18]
20. 98R-Evan Reynolds[19]
DNS: #98-Joe Trenca