Ben Woods Wins at Oskaloosa

Southern Iowa Speedway Oskaloosa
Southern Iowa Speedway Oskaloosa

OSKALOOSA, Iowa (July 18, 2023) — Ben Woods won the non-wing sprint car feature Wednesday night at Southern Iowa Speedway. Doug Sylvester, Tyler Graves, Terry Doud, and Lance Silvers rounded out the top five.

Southern Iowa Speedway
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Non-Wing Sprint Cars

1. 11B-Ben Woods
2. 12-Doug Sylvester
3. T4-Tyler Graves
4. 2-Terry Doud
5. 7X-Lance Silvers
6. 12T-Tim Graham
7. 17-Corey Strothman
8. 48-Hunter Schneider
9. 8J-A.J. Johnson
10. 29K-Dan Keltner
11. 3T-Tim Folkerts
12. 7J-Nathan James