Kofoid Wins at Baypark Speedway

Buddy Kofoid Trent Gower photo

MT MAUNGANUI, NZ (December 28, 2023) — Buddy Kofoid won the midget car feature Thursday at Baypark Speedway leading all 30-laps in route to the victory. Michael Pickens, Mitch Fabish, Brock Maskovich, and Peter Hunnibell rounded out the top five.

Baypark Speedway
Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand
Thursday, December 28, 2023

Midget Cars

1. 2USA-Buddy Kofoid
2. 1NZ-Michael Pickens
3. 95K-Mitch Fabish
4. 5M-Brock Maskovich
5. 9M-Peter Hunnibell
6. 63M-Jayden Worthington
7. 7M-Travis Buckley
8. 68P-Jordan Russ
9. 97A-Ben Morrison
10. 24A-Morgan McHugh
11. 73M-Carlos Stone
12. 71A-Alec Insley
13. 9A-Trent Way
14. 7K-Benjamin Mathews
15. 93P-Karl McGill
16. 47P-David Wilson
17. 4M-Luke McClymont
18. 3NZ-Max Fulliford
19. 24A-Jordan McDonnell