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Callum Williamson Wins at Bunbury

Callum Williamson used late race heroics to win the third round of USA vs Western Australia Speedway Friday night at Bunbury City Speedway with the Maddington Toyota Sprint Car Series. […]

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McFadden Wins the 23rd Krikke Boys Shootout

James McFadden continued to add to his feature win total for the 2020 season scoring his sixth victory of the 2020 season during the 23rd Annual Krikke Boys Shootout on Saturday at Bunbury City Raceway with the Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series. […]

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Jason Kendrick Wins at Bunbury

Bunbury City Raceway Davenport, WA Saturday November 7, 2019 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. 11-Jason Kendrick 2. 12-Daniel Harding 3. 8-Andrew Priolo 4. 79-Kris Coyle 5. 97-Mitchell Wormall 6. 63-Todd Davis 7. 14-Jason Pryde […]

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Hirst wins WSS’s 400th event

“The California Kid” Kyle Hirst has dominated round 11 of Enzed World Series Sprintcars by winning not just the A Main for the feature race but also the 360 Sprintcar feature as well at the historical 400th round of World Series Sprintcars at Quit Bunbury Speedway. […]

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Maiolo wins at Bunbury

“The car was pretty good, the track was pretty demanding and I was trying to hang on.”

That was Jamie Maiolo only moments after winning round three of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

Jamie won the 30-lap final from younger brother Brad and Jason Kendrick for his second victory in three races. […]

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Tatnell Wins at Bunbury

Brooke Tatnell scored his second WSS main event win of the season when he claimed Round 11 of the ENZED World Series Sprintcars Championship on Krikke Motorsport home turf at QUIT Bunbury Speedway. […]

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Shane Stewart Wins Krikke Boys Shootout

American Shane Stewart drove an outstanding race to win the 2012 Krikke Boys Shootout, Stewart drove a very calculated race and towards the latter part drove to the low line and continued to pull away at every re-start. […]


Tatnell Wins Kirkke Bons Prelminary Feature

Brooke Tatnell carved his way through the field to win the prelim A main event at the krikke boys Shootout. Tatnells skills through traffic set him apart from the rest in the 20n lap non stop race. Kerry Madsen set the early pace but faded slightly to second by race end with Shane Stewart driving his way into third.