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Kerry Madsen Wins IRA Feature at the Clay County Fair

Interstate Racing Association Clay County Fair Speedway Spencer, IA Friday September 14, 2018 Osborne and Son Trucking Qualifications2 Laps): 1. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 14.077[2]; 2. 17B-Bill Balog, 14.231[9]; 3. 2KS-Austin McCarl, 14.522[20]; 4. 24-Terry McCarl, 14.560[7]; […]

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WAR East Series rained out at Route 45 Speedway

Due to the rains Friday, heavy rains in the area and Saturday’s evenings forecast, Route 45 Speedway officials have been forced to cancel tonight’s racing. Route 45 Speedway and WAR officials are working on rescheduling this event. […]