OCRS Dons New Tread Wear for 2013

ocrsFrom John Lemon

Tulsa, OK —  (December 10, 2012) — The next Oil Capital Racing Series sprint car season will see a new tire rule as the series has selected Hoosier Tire as the official racing tire beginning in 2013. When Goodyear made the announcement this past summer they were withdrawing from dirt track racing, OCRS began to research a replacement supplier for the growing series. After reviewing the proposals, Hoosier Tires was the tire of choice.


“OCRS had another year option with Goodyear,” explained series president Barry Grabel, “but in addressing the inventory status that we (OCRS) would be working with in 2013, it was decided that OCRS may be best suited to make a change now rather that wait for 2014. We received other generous proposals from other suppliers and when it came down to decision time, the Hoosier proposal became the one that fit our needs the best,” said Grabel.


The corporate facility of Hoosier Tires, which was established in 1957, is based in Lakeville, Indiana with the manufacturing facilities in nearby Plymouth, Indiana. Hoosier Tires has multiple distributorships in the country to serve the countless number racers that run on Hoosier’s today. The company is also well known for supplying tires for the majority of the nation’s highest profile dirt track racing organizations.


Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest

   Since 1968, the largest southwest distributor for Hoosier tire products and countless other racing products is: Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest which is under ownership and operated by Texas businessman, Tom Lorenz. Of working with OCRS in 2013, Lorenz commented: “Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest is very pleased to be working with OCRS as they are a top notch organization. We have worked with OCRS in the past and our company is proud to be associated with OCRS once again.” Grabel added: “Hoosier has a long history of producing quality product and supporting sprint car racing at a high level. OCRS is excited about this venture and we look forward to a productive relationship with Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest.”


Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest has locations in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Sherman and Houston markets in Texas while maintaining a location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Smiley’s is also contributing to the 2013 OCRS points fund. Any OCRS team competing in 75% of the events conducted will eligible for a share of the fund.


2013 OCRS Tire Rule

   The OCRS 2013 tire rule is as follows:


Right Rear Hoosier Racing Tire: 105 x 16.0-15 Medium or 105 x 18.0-15 Hard. No tire preps or tire softeners allowed. All tires must durometer within 5 points of factory specs. All other wheels have an open tire rule providing they are tires manufactured for sprint car dirt track racing.

For questions and/or inquiries to this announcement for 2013, contact Barry Grabel at:

(918) 260-3899 or by email at: sprint24@cox.net


To contact Smiley’s Racing Products / Hoosier Tire Southwest:

Call: (972) 289-7323 (Dallas) / (405) 686-7112 (OKC) or by email at: contact@smileysracing.com