Danny Mumaw Wins at Wayne County

Wayne County Speedway Top Story 2015

ORRVILLE, Ohio (August 20, 2016) — Although a brief rain shower during the Fisher Performance Sprint last chance race, slowed things down momentarily, the race action was fast and furious on Santmyer Oil night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway Saturday night. The OVSCA checked into Orrville’s Historic Oval for the second time this season with 32 sprinters on hand as Nick Patterson, Brandon Spithaler, Jordan Ryan and Danny Mumaw would collect the heat wins as Clay Riney topped the last chance race. Spithaler and Dan Shetler would would lead the field to the green flag but it quickly came to a stop as the caution would fly for Mark Coleman who got turned around on the back stretch and before everyone got slowed up, Nick Patterson flipped in turn four ending his night. Patterson was second in the track points at the start of the night. On the restart, Shetler grabbed the lead with Jason Dolick right behind with Jordan Ryan and Danny Mumaw in tow. That was the running order for the first five laps as Mumaw would move past Ryan on lap six, overtake Dolick on the next circuit and did a power slide into turn three and shot past Shetler coming out of turn four on lap eight and then start to pull away. Ryan would take over third on lap ten from Dolick and move to second on the next circuit. Action slowed on lap 13 when Spithaler did a 360 spin in turn four but kept going but Jamie Myers spun and backed into the turn four guardrail trying to avoid Spithaler’s spin. The green flag waved for one more lap when track points leader Mitch Harble went for a multi time barrel roll in turn three to stop the action. Harble’s night started out rough as he was running second in his heat race and on the last lap, had the front end break and hit the guardrail in turn four. That forced him to start deep in the field of the last chance race and he earned a transfer into the feature on the next to last lap. The race would go non stop after that with Mumaw and Ryan pulling away from the rest of the field as Chris Myers was the man on the move. Starting 14th, Myers sprinter came to life after the red flag as he had moved into 6th before the red flag but on the restart, quickly jumped into third. With the race winding down Mumaw would slice his way through some of the back markers as Ryan could not make a run at the Wooster driver and Mumaw would put the ABR Farms, FinishLine Autobody and Finzer Farms #16 in victory lane for the second time this season and go from third to first in the NAPA WCS point standing with season championships on tap for next week. Chris Myers finished third with Dolick collecting 4th as Jamie Myers recovered from his spin to take fifth.
It was déjà vu again in the Harriger Towing Super Late Model feature as Wooster’s Doug Drown started fourth but had the lead before the field completed one lap. JR Gentry and Brad Malcuit would start on the front row and they would stay side by side but Drown would slice right between the two coming out of turn four and take the lead. Gentry would stay close for the next couple of laps but Drown and his Hall’s Auto Sales, Wooster Glass and Kar Connection #240 would drive away to his 6th win of the year. Gentry would cruise to a second as the race for third was a tight one as points leader Brad Malcuit was in a dogfight with Ryan Markham, who is second in the points and just 20 markers behind Malcuit. Markham could pull along side Malcuit several times in the corners but Malcuit would hold him off down the straight aways to claim second and now have a 22 point lead going into next weeks double points championship battle. Cody Scott was right behind Malcuit and Markham to claim fifth. Drown and Larry Bellman, who was celebrating a birthday, won the heats.
After a couple of aborted starts, the Kar Connection Rush Late Models rolled non stop to the finish as Hermitage Pa’s Alan Dellinger out hustled points leader Justin Chance into turn one and drove away aboard the Sarchione Chevrolet and BWR #8 for his first win of the season. Dave Airgood overtook Chance on lap three to finish second in front of Chance as heat winners Charlie Duncan and Kyle Harper, in his 1st trip to NAPA WCS, filled out the top five.
Grabbing the lead from his outside front row starting spot, Canton’s Paul Holmes would go flag to flag to win his fifth Action Auto Body Super Stock feature of the season. Points leader Tyler Thompson started 6th and moved into second on lap two and spent all race hounding Holmes for the lead and was able to get side by side a couple of times but could never wrestle the lead away from the #68 of Holmes. Two drivers had their best finishes of the year as Cliff Staley finished third with Tod Beviloqua coming from his 10th starting position to post a fourth place finish as Gary Hensel Jr., who started 11th, rounded out the top five. Heat winners were Staley and Thompson.
Billy Parsons would set the pace for the opening five laps of the WQKT Sports Country 104.5 Mini Stock feature but 7th starting Brad Hensel had picked his way through the field and took over the lead on lap 6 and then held off Chris Priebe the final two laps to pocket his sixth win of the season aboard the Smithville based M & S Concrete, DJ Directional Services and JoyRide Transportation #28 and strengthen his point lead. Priebe finished second with Parsons in third follwed by Doug Hensel and Mitch Reichard. Securing the heat wins were Parsons and Priebe.
Brandon Gardner swept the action in the Flat Track Carts.
Contingency Connection’s Drivers Rewards of over $100,000 were once again being pursued by the drivers for the night and yearly awards from many National Manufacturer’s.
Season Championships will be decided next Saturday night, August 27th, with track championships and battles for top ten finishes in the points up for grabs in all class’
Check out the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com for the upcoming events at the track. Up dated points will be released on Monday.

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Heat 1 Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Mark Coleman, Brian Benson, Jeremy Duposki, Brandon Conkel, Mitch Harble, Adam Tippett
Heat 2 Brandon Spithaler, Dan Shetler, Jamie Myers, Chris Myers, Clay Riney, Dave Dickson, Kris Davis, Dylan Kingan
Heat 3 Jordan Ryan, Dean Jacobs, Wayne McPeek, Zach Morrow, Aaron Middaugh, Lance Webb, Shawn Hubler, Rick Holley
Heat 4 Danny Mumaw, Jason Dolick, Tyler Dunn, Bob Tucker, Shawn Minor, Randy Fink, Ray Miller, Roger Campbell
‘B’Main Clay Riney, Aaron Middaugh, Mitch Harble, Brandon Conkle, Dave Dickson, Shawn Hubler, Roger Campbell, Jeremy Duposki, Kris Davis, Randy Fink, Lance Webb, Shawn Minor, Rick Holley, Ray Miller, Adam Tippett dns, Dylan Kingan dns
Feature Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Chris Myers, Jason Dolick, Jamie Myers, Dan Shetler, Wayne McPeek, Clay Riney, Mark Coleman, Troy Kingan, Aaron Middaugh, Tyler Dunn, Zach Morrow, Bob Tucker, Brandon Conkel, Brian Benson, Brandon Spithaler, Mitch Harble, Dean Jacobs, Nick Patterson

Heat 1 Doug Drown, Rick Bond, Cody Scott, Kirk Baker, Al Farriss, Kent Brewer, Jason Skelly, Ashlee Todd
Heat 2 Larry Bellman, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, JR Gentry, Blaine Aber, Jim Nicely, Jerry Aber
Feature Doug Drown, JR Gentry, Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott, Larry Bellman, Rick Bond, Kirk Baker, Kent Brewer, Blaine Aber, Ashlee Todd, Jason Skelly, Jerry Aber, Jim Nicely, Al Farriss

Heat 1 Cliff Staley, Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Chris Albright, Tyler Nicely, Gary Hensel Jr,, Tom Fisher, Brandon Gardner
Heat 2 Tyler Thompson, Paul Holmes, Ryan Leathers, Todd Gallion, Tod Beviloqua, Todd Sherwin, Steve Ott, Don Rutt
Feature Paul Holmes, Tyler Thompson, Cliff Staley, Tod Beviloqua, Gary Hensel Jr., Brandon Craver, Todd Gallion, Chris Albright, Ryan Leathers, Don Rutt, Todd Sherwin, Steve Ott, Tom Fisher, Tyler Nicely, Jordan James, Brandon Gardner dns

Heat 1 Kyle Harper, Alan Dellinger, Hiram Bachmann, Justin Chance, Scott Delaney, Chuck Kimble
Heat 2 Charlie Duncan, Matt Aber, Dave Airgood, Josh Stoica, Jamie Wrightsman, Bob Fry
Feature Alan Dellinger, Dave Airgood, Justin Chance, Charlie Duncan, Kyle Harper, Matt Aber, Josh Stoica, Hiram Bachmann, Bob Fry, Scott Delaney, Jamie Wrightsman, Chuck Kimble dns

Heat 1 Billy Parsons, Stephen Crowe, Doug Hensel, Rich McMullen, Michael Rose, Brent Boreman, Colton Priebe, Briana Hensel, Ken Steele, Dale Beckett
Heat 2 Chris Priebe, Moose Workman, Brad Hensel, Braden Wert, Mitch Reichard, Jess Hensel, Dakota Wells, Jim Burns, Brian Tomblin, Wes Staley
Feature Brad Hensel, Chris Priebe, Billy Parsons, Doug Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Colton Priebe, Braden Wert, Brent Boreman, Briana Hensel, Jess Hensel, Jim Burns, Brian Tomblin, Wes Staley, Moose Workman, Stephen Crowe, Ken Steele, Rich McMullen, Dakota Wells, Dale Beckett dns, Michael Rose dns

Heat 1 Brandon Gardner, Coty Conway, Daryl Conkle, Chuck Conway, David Sheehan
Feature Brandon Gardner, Daryl Conkel, Coty Conway, Chuck Conway, David Sheehan