Forsberg Wins at Silver Dollar Speedway

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By Troy Hennig

Chico, CA (April 21, 2017) …. While the car counts dipped a bit during last night’s opening round of point racing at Silver Dollar Speedway, the racing was fast and furious that produced two first time main event winners.  In fact, it was fun to watch the fans reactions to all five main event winners.  There seemed to be a good vibe as the fans left after the last checkered was waived.

Obviously, Auburn’s Andy Forsberg was not a first-time winner at the Silver Dollar Speedway.  Heading into tonight’s race he was the favorite to win.  Forsberg did not disappoint and led the final 10 laps to capture his 46th career feature win at Chico.  Chico’s Michael Ing should be commended for his strong effort last night.  Ing jumped out of the gate with the lead.  Forsberg chased him down and for two laps the two drivers slid each other for the lead.  On lap 16 Forsberg drove around the outside of Ing and took the lead for good.  Chase Majdic started fifth and quickly charged towards the front.  With about seven laps to go Majdic passed Ing for second.  Brad Bumgarner earned a solid fourth place finish tonight.  Bumgarner ran smooth fast laps and did an excellent job.  Young Tanner Carrick made another rare Chico start and turned it into a fifth-place finish.  Forsberg earned the fast time honors.  Carrick won the first heat race.  Ing dominated the second heat race for the win.

There is no doubt about it, Casey McClain earned his career win at Silver Dollar Speedway last night.  McClain passed leader Jeremy Wilson not once, but twice.  The first pass was negated because a car had spun on the same lap and the yellow was displayed.  On the restart, McClain completed the same slide job to secure the lead.  The crowd went wild after the second pass was completed.  McClain led the final two laps and scored his first career wingless main event win and his victory at Silver Dollar Speedway.  Wilson hung on for second and did a fantastic job all night.  Terry Schank Jr. methodically worked his way up to a third-place finish.  A big-time accident occurred at the half way point when Brent Steck went sky high up and over Rick Swigart’s car.  When Steck emerged from the car he was dazed and confused but ended up walking away on his own.  Schank and Angelique Bell each won their respective heat races.

Kyle Allen is the epitome of why hard work pays off.  For five years, this man has tried to win a Hobby Stock main event.  Not only did he win the race, he beat the best in doing so.  Vary rarely has any driver been able to beat Brian Compton, let alone pass him for the lead.  That is exactly what Allen did.  Compton never gave up and pressured Allen for the lead the final few laps.  Give Allen all the credit, as he was able to hold off Compton and win.  Allen also won the lone heat race.  A clean sweep for the entire Allen family.  James West had half the city of Chico workers out to root for him and he finished third.  Keith Ross brought his car home fourth.  Shannon Collins is always consistent and finished fifth.

Talk about a great race, the Street Stocks lived up to everything a fan could ask for.  Phil Marino had the early lead but Matt Micheli charged through the field to pass Marino late in the event.  Micheli’s night ended just three laps short of winning when his car malfunctioned.  Marino assumed the lead.  Corey Hall is one of the fastest drivers around.  He closed in on Marino and the final lap was as good as it gets.  Marino was able to beat Hall to the checkered flag.  Brent Lawrence finished in the third spot.  He is mister reliable when it comes to street stocks.  Mike Slightom and Gary Newman rounded out the top five.  Marino also won the eight-lap heat race.

Wyatt Brown returned to the winged economy sprint car division and did not disappoint.  Last year’s champion dominated the main event to get the popular win.  Mike Ficklin held off Mike Sayre for a second-place finish.  Brown also dominated the heat race earlier in the night.  Brown has hoped of moving up into the winged 360 division this year but a motor failure set the team back.  They regrouped like champions do and returned to the economy division.

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Silver Dollar Speedway
Chico, CA
Saturday April 21, 2017

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. 92 – Andy Forsberg, 12.395
2. 21 – Michael Ing, 12.744
3. 88 – Brad Bumgarner, 12.809
4. 19 – Chase Majdic, 12.899
5. 83T – Tanner Carrick, 13.081
6. 28B – Adam Brenton, 13.393
7. 8 – Jim Richardson, 13.517
8. 0 – Braedon Enos, 13.588
9. 15 – Brandon Powell, 14.427
10. 15X – Ryan Souza, 14.441

Heat Race #1:
1. 83T – Tanner Carrick
2. 92 – Andy Forsberg
3. 8 – Jim Richardson
4. 88 – Brad Bumgarner
5. 15 – Brandon Powell

Heat Race #2:
1. 21 – Michael Ing
2. 19 – Chase Majdic
3. 15X – Ryan Souza
4. 28B – Adam Brenton
5. 0 – Braedon Enos

1. 92 – Andy Forsberg
2. 19 – Chase Majdic
3. 21 – Michael Ing
4. 88 – Brad Bumgarner
5. 83T – Tanner Carrick
6. 28B – Adam Brenton
7. 8 – Jim Richardson
8. 0 – Braedon Enos
9. 15 – Brandon Powell
10. 15X – Ryan Souza

Economy Sprints

Heat Race #1:
1. 2 – Wyatt Brown
2. 28 – Scott Gannett
3. 7 – Mike Ficklin
4. 32 – Cameron Haney Jr.
5. 55 – Mike Sayre
6. 16 – David Johnson
7. 86N – Chad Thompson

1. 2 – Wyatt Brown
2. 7 – Mike Ficklin
3. 55 – Mike Sayre
4. 32 – Cameron Haney Jr.
5. 1R – Jeff Rommel
DQ. 28 – Scott Gannett

Wingless Sprints

Heat Race #1:
1. 1 – Terry Schank Jr.
2. 94 – Tony Richards
3. 84 – Brent Steck
4. 50 – Don Emery
5. 66 – Rick Swigart
6. XX – Brett Youngman

Heat Race #2:
1. 5B – Angelique Bell
2. 38 – Casey McClain
3. 9S – Craig Swim
4. 46 – Jeremy Wilson
5. 14J – Jeff Crossman

1. 38 – Casey McClain
2. 46 – Jeremy Wilson
3. 1 – Terry Schank Jr.
4. 50 – Don Emery
5. 9S – Craig Swim
6. XX – Brett Youngman
7. 5B – Angelique Bell
8. 84 – Brent Steck
9. 66 – Rick Swigart
10. 14J – Jeff Crossman
DQ. 94 – Tony Richards