Hickle Captures Jim Albert Memorial Gold Cup

Castrol Raceway Top Story

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EDMONTON, Alberta (July 24, 2017) – J.J. Hickle emerged victorious last Saturday night during the 62nd annual Jim Albert Memorial Gold Cup at Castrol Raceway, where a handful of drivers put on a stout battle at the front of the pack during Canada’s oldest oval racing event.

Hickle entered the $4,000-to-win Northwest Challenge Series event with a two-race winning streak after sweeping a doubleheader with the NCS – a series created under the banners of the NSA Series, which is based in Montana and has roots in Western Canada, and the Washington-state based Summer Thunder Sprint Series – the previous weekend.

While Hickle took the early lead after drawing the pole position for the main event, it was Travis Rilat – the only driver besides Hickle to score a Northwest Challenge Series triumph this season – who led the majority of the race.

Traffic created new opportunities for competitors as Hickle, current NSA Series points leader Casey Adams and defending NSA Series champion Kelly Miller challenged Rilat for the top spot.

A blanket could have covered the top competitors in the closing laps as positions were exchanged lap by lap. Adams passed Hickle for the top spot. However, Rilat collided with the wall to create a caution with three laps remaining. It negated Adams’ pass since a full lap hadn’t been completed and Hickle took advantage to lead the remainder of the race following the restart.

Miller passed Adams for the runner-up position before the checkered flag was waved as Skylar Gee placed fourth and Marc Dupperon rounded out the top five.

Miller opened the night by setting quick time during qualifying. Chris Schmelzle, Adams and Rilat each won a heat race and Kyle VanAlden claimed the B Main.

The Northwest Challenge Series would like to recognize the following event partners: event sponsors Dewar Western Inc., and Joan Albert and family; quick time sponsor AMS Engines LTD; heat race sponsors North American Diesel Performance, Xtreme Oilfield Technologies, B&R Recovery Inc., and North American Powertrain Components; B Main sponsors Cimmaron Ventures and King Racing Products; A Main sponsors Carlan Services and Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC; Winner’s Circle sponsors DC Signs and ProWest Motorsports; and associate sponsors Allwest Auto Parts, Custom Automotive Specialties, Alberta Spring & Trailer, Diversified Machine Inc., Blackjacks Roadhouse and Airways Country Inn.

Friday night’s opening round of the event rained out.

The Northwest Challenge Series ventures to Skagit Speedway in Alger, Wash., this Friday and Saturday.

NORTHWEST CHALLENGE SERIES RACE REPORT: Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on July 22, 2017 –

A Feature : 1. 8r-J.J. Hickle (1); 2. 2jr-Kelly Miller (5); 3. 12-Casey Adams (4); 4. 8jr-Skylar Gee (8); 5. 11-Marc Dupperon (3); 6. 57c-Chris Schmelzle (7); 7. 2-Kyle Evans (6); 8. 16-David Miller (16); 9. 9-Sean MacDonell (9); 10. 34-Johnny Wiersma (15); 11. 97-Matthew Dusseault (13); 12. 66-Joey Dupperon (10); 13. 57-Ed Wiersma (18); 14. 36-Chevy Goodhope (12); 15. 3-Jordan Milne (11); 16. 14v-Kyle VanAlden (17); 17. 6-Tom Watts (19); 18. 72-Quentin Walker (14); 19. 39c-Travis Rilat (2); 20. 35m-Cody Masse (DNS).

Qualifying : 1. 2jr-Kelly Miller; 2. 8r-J.J. Hickle; 3. 2-Kyle Evans; 4. 11-Marc Dupperon; 5. 12-Casey Adams; 6. 39c-Travis Rilat; 7. 36-Chevy Goodhope; 8. 8jr-Skylar Gee; 9. 7-Jesse Dakus; 10. 57c-Chris Schmelzle; 11. 56-Ross Mathison; 12. 14v-Kyle VanAlden; 13. 16-David Miller; 14. 35m-Cody Masse; 15. 9-Sean MacDonell; 16. 57-Ed Wiersma; 17. 3-Jordan Milne; 18. 97-Matthew Dusseault; 19. 66-Joey Dupperon; 20. 72-Quentin Walker; 21. 34-Johnny Wiersma; 22. 0-Cal Hawkes; 23. 1k-Gord Kynoch; 24. 140-Rob Orgar; 25. 25-Jason Cote; 26. 6-Tom Watts.

Heat 1 : 1. 57c-Chris Schmelzle (1); 2. 2jr-Kelly Miller (4); 3. 11-Marc Dupperon (3); 4. 36-Chevy Goodhope (2); 5. 66-Joey Dupperon (7); 6. 16-David Miller (5); 7. 57-Ed Wiersma (6); 8. 0-Cal Hawkes (8); 9. 25-Jason Cote (DNS).

Heat 2 : 1. 12-Casey Adams (3); 2. 8jr-Skylar Gee (2); 3. 8r-J.J. Hickle (4); 4. 56-Ross Mathison (1); 5. 3-Jordan Milne (6); 6. 72-Quentin Walker (7); 7. 35m-Cody Masse (5); 8. 1k-Gord Kynoch (DNS); 9. 6-Tom Watts (DNS).

Heat 3 : 1. 39c-Travis Rilat (2); 2. 2-Kyle Evans (3); 3. 9-Sean MacDonell (4); 4. 14v-Kyle VanAlden (1); 5. 97-Matthew Dusseault (5); 6. 34-Johnny Wiersma (6); 7. 140-Rob Orgar (7); 8. 7-Jesse Dakus (DNS).

B Main : 1. 14v-Kyle VanAlden (1); 2. 57-Ed Wiersma (4); 3. 6-Tom Watts (9); 4. 35m-Cody Masse (6); 5. 140-Rob Orgar (3); 6. 25-Jason Cote (7); 7. 0-Cal Hawkes (5); 8. 56-Ross Mathison (2); 9. 7-Jesse Dakus (DNS); 10. 1k-Gord Kynoch (DNS).