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Mark Smith Wins the Kramer Kup

Kramer Kup United Racing Club Selinsgrove Speedway Selinsgrove, PA Saturday June 27, 2020 Heat Race #1 (10 Laps) 1. 63-Josh Weller[1] 2. M1-Mark Smith[4] 3. 55-Dallas Schott[2] 4. 10-Joe Kata[3] 5. 35-Chad Layton[8] 6. 66-Ryan […]

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Stillwaggon Wins the Midge Miller Memorial

Big Track Classic/Midge Miller Memorial United Racing Club Bridgeport Speedway Bridgporg, N.J. Saturday October 9, 2019 Heat Race #1 (8 Laps) 1. 89-Robbie Stillwaggon, [1] 2. 25-J.J. Grasso, [3] 3. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon, [6] 4. 5-Tyler […]

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Ryan Smith Wins the Kramer Cup at Selinsgrove

Ryan Smith of Kunkletown showed up at Selinsgrove Speedway Saturday with his eye on the coveted Kramer Cup trophy and took it home with him after a wire-to-wire victory in the 30-lap tribute race honoring the memory of the late Hall of Fame sprint car driver Kramer Williamson. […]

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Michalski Scores First Career 410 Sprint Car Win at Lincoln Speedway

They say the first win is always the hardest. Coming off his rookie of the year campaign, Brett Michalski won his first feature in the 410 division on Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway. After Michalski found success in the 360 division, he made the jump to 410 sprints full time in 2018. […]

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Ed Aiken Wins URC Feature at Delaware International

United Racing Club Delaware International Speedway Delmar, DE Saturday June 1, 2019 Feature: 1. 7-Ed Aiken 2. 5G-Curt Michael 3. 35-Chad Layton 4. 8-Jason Clauss 5. 63-Josh Weller 6. 47-Adam Carberry 7. 25-JJ Grasso 8. […]