Travis Welpott Wheels to Gas City Checkers

Gas City I-69 Speedway

Travis Welpott took the win at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night. Welpott was followed by Billy Puterbaugh Jr., Brett Burdette, Thomas Meseraull and Kyle Robbins.

1. Travis Welpott
2. Billy Puterbaugh, Jr.
3. Brett Burdette
4. Thomas Meseraull
5. Kyle Robbins
6. Andrew Elson
7. Chris Gurley
8. Jason Holt
9. Jamie Fredrickson
10. Brandon Petty
11. Todd Gnat
12. James Bradshaw
13. Alvin Brantley
14. Landon Simon
15. Steve Ott
16. Joe Bares
17. Brian Olson
18. Ted Hines
19. Matt Westfall
20. Chad Boespflug
21. Matt Goodnight

We will not be racing next Friday instead we will have the AMA Grand National Motorcycle Races on Saturday, June 5. Next regular program will take place on Friday, June 11.

For complete results:

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