Cottle Cools Off Gas City Competitors

From Gas City

Shane Cottle took the checkers from 13th in the sprint car feature at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night. Following Cottle was Brandon Petty, Caleb Armstrong, Justin Grant and Dave Darland.

1. Shane Cottle
2. Brandon Petty
3. Caleb Armstrong
4. Justin Grant
5. Dave Darland
6. Thomas Meseraull
7. Travis Welpott
8. Andrew Elson
9. Jason Holt
10. Josh Spencer
11. Kyle Robbins
12. Brian Olson
13. Matt Westfall
14. Ted Hines
15. Chris Gurley
16. Brent Turner
17. Steve Ott
18. Kevin Thomas, Jr.
19. Billy Puterbaugh, Jr
20. Jerry Coons, Jr.

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